Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was up at 4:20 to start my day.  I drove these four down to San Antonio for EFY.  They are going to have a great week!

After lunch I headed home to pick up the kids a go to a Rangers game.  We got tickets with Mason's baseball team.  At about 6:30 it was still 103 degrees outside.  We were in the shade at the stadium, but it was still hot. 

We all had a fun game.  The girls kept wanting to start a "wave".  I showed the boys where to find out how fast the pitcher was pitching.  Mason was impressed.  At about the 5th inning Carson asked how long we were going to stay.  I then showed him where to find out what inning it was.  I told him it needed to be a 9.  He kept watching and it helped give him something to focus on.  We ended up leaving during the bottom of the 8th.  The score was 20 - 5.  We were winning.  It was safe to go home.  :)

I climbed in bed at 11:30. 

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