Friday, January 29, 2010

cowboys, boots and stuff

I've always had a thing for cowboys. I think these are the cutest ones I've seen yet. Today at school it is "Western Day". Mason loves this day the best of all the days of the year, he is a cowboy at heart. Before Mason went to school Carson had to get dressed like a cowboy too.

As I was admiring how cute they were, it brought back the memory of the first crush I had on a "cowboy". My family was living in Washington, my Dad was living his dream. He was a dairy farmer. It was during the summer that we had a hired hand working for us. I was 10 at the most. During the summer I, along with my cousin and little brother, would tag along with him around the farm. I don't think he was much older than early 20s, but he was cute. Tight jeans, work boots and brown hair is all I can remember. :0)
This are not the boots I wore on the farm. But they are as purposeful. With walking a dog everyday, I have been out in all kinds of weather. Last fall we were walking in the rain and we came home soaked to the skin. When we had snow in December, I wore McKinzie's boots. Well she's not here anymore, so I picked some up for me. Much cuter than my boots as a kid, they were black with red soles and red trim at the top, boring. They are soo cute that Bailee wants to wear them. So sometimes she does...except if I'm headed out the door to walk a dog.

Here is Karlee at her first Academic Team meet. I've never attended one of these. It was different. There are three rounds with four team members from two teams. The students have buzzers when they want to answer a questions. Kind of like Jeopardy. Over 60 questions were asked and I think I new three, pretty sad. The questions range from history, sports, religion, math to current events and many other categories. Karlee's buzzer was first to two of the questions and she got one of those right. I know two does not sound great, but many students never even buzzed in. In the end, our school won!!
As many of you know, McKinzie moved out on her own. She is not very far, we see her almost daily. Which is what we all want. It has been exciting and scary at the same time. With this big change, we have had many friends and family members express concern for her. Is she ready, the baby is so little, are you scared for her? The answer is yes, yes and YES! But we feel this is what is next for her and for our family. Shortly after she moved out, there was a lesson given at church that confirmed this big step in her life. "Our Heavenly Father knew we could not progress beyond a certain point unless we left Him for a time." That is where she is. We are still here for her, better yet her Heavenly Father is there for her.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I know, just a couple of days ago I mentioned, complained, about how busy life is.

Well, Friday night I was free! Brian and Bailee went to the temple with the youth. The three little ones had a sleepover at Kinzie's new place. (Did I mention that she moved out? That's another post.) The other night when McKinzie came by after work to pick up Adam, Carson asked her to sleep at the house. It was very sweet. I think the kids miss having McKinzie around. Since McKinzie wasn't working Saturday she invited them over.
When I realized that it was going to be just me at home, I made plans. I checked with a friend and we went to the movies. It felt so very strange to not be with Brian or have someone wanting something from me.
When the kids got home this morning, they all told me they had a great time. McKinzie was exhausted. They watched two movies in one night, and had "pizza with no crust", Totino's, for dinner. Then for breakfast McKinzie made pancakes with M&M's. Carson told McKinzie that he's wants to live with her. We just might have to make this a regular thing. Thanks Kinz!! Your the coolest big sister every!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I can't believe that it has been a week since my last post. The days are flying by, sometimes blurring together. Both boys have started playing basketball through the Y. Carson jumps around the court during the game, just excited to be running with his team. Mason loves practice more than the game. During practice he will be running "ladders" and he is grinning. He loves it!
With the start of the new year my schedule has become crazy. Monday night is FHE. Tuesday Mason has basketball practice. Wednesday Karlee has activity days twice a month then Bailee has church. Thursday Karlee has piano and Mason has another basketball practice. Carson originally had practice on Thursday too, it was cancelled, whew! Friday Carson has basketball practice. Then both the boys have games on Saturday. Don't forget "date night". That use to happen on Friday, no matter what. Well, that's been bumped and Brian and I aren't pleased. Saturday has been working so far, we're afraid it might get lost in all the activities. I know, some of you might say, "What's the big deal?" It really is a big deal. That is usually the only time it's just us. No kids, no work, no church. WE really need our time. Then somewhere in there I fit in visiting teaching, usually on Wednesday nights when Bailee and Karlee can help watch the boys. Starting next week Karlee will be having meets for the Academic Team she is on at school, Tuesday afternoons. I'm sure there is more...

During the day I spend my time with these two boys. Carson decided to climb in Peanut's "home" and he locked the door. He wasn't bothered at all...silly kid! I'm sure once Adam starts crawling there will be two boys doing crazy things like this. :o)

Adam is becoming more and more fun everyday. He talks and giggles and loves to have every ones attention. Life is busy, but good.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ICE is finally gone!

It's never been cold long enough to freeze the water around here. On Saturday the ducks were walking on our neighborhood pond. Carson thought the ducks had "power". Our pool Saturday morning...
Sunday morning...

Sunday night!
Our pool pump was struggling during the night on Saturday to get enough water. I had Bailee and Karlee go break up the ice. That made their day. When we went out to walk Peanut, it had frozen over again! The skimmer door was frozen half closed, that is why the pump was struggling so bad. Brian added hot water to the skimmer to melt the door. The pump worked so much better. I didn't want to replace a pool pump this year.
We have had two days of mid 50s and today the ice is finally gone. Whew!! I'm sooo tired of the cold. I know it's just January, this is usually when it starts to get really cold. Maybe the cold came early and spring will too. :0) I'll cross my fingers. Will you?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

my baby

Over the last few months I have realized that I LOVE my baby being 4 years old! I LOVE his imagination! I LOVE his independence! I LOVE how easy it is to pack for him to go on a trip. (I pack his clothes and he brings along his DS and fluff!) I LOVE that he still needs his mom.

Just something I've been thinking about...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trip to Idaho

We left for Idaho the day after Christmas. Texans do not know how to drive in snow. We were on the road for about an hour and it slowed down. Can you see the cars lined up?

In the evening, when we were "kicked" out of the ICU, we went and visited family. This is Grandma Baker with Carson, Mason and Karlee.
At night, the boys were able to hang out with their Grandpa Steel. In this picture they are saying, "HO HO HO!"

The boys jumped down these stairs A LOT!! I got some cool shots.

Brian was so awesome during this trip. I spent everyday at the hospital with my Mom and Dad. A couple of nights with his family, but very little time with him. We wanted to spend New Years Eve together, which we did, but not really together. I was preoccupied and not really in the mood to socialize.
I gave him a nook, ereader, for Christmas, which he spent much of his time enjoying.

One morning we woke up to fresh snow. It was beautiful...and cold.

While I was hanging with my parents, I tried to do things that would help my Mom feel better, more like herself. Her skin was soo dry I put lotion on her hands and arms,with a massage, many times. I've never seen her nails so long, so I shaped them up. The thing that helped the most was getting her hair washed and styled. I was hopeful that we could use real shampoo and not a dry shampoo. So I crossed my fingers and asked her nurse, Brooke. She was awesome!! She said they had a basin, pictured above. I was ecstatic! I pulled out my camera and Mom started pulling a blanket over her head...she didn't want a picture taken.
We got things ready and started to put the basin under her head. Mom panicked, to put it nicely. She is very claustrophobic. She would have nothing to do with the basin. Brooke was not discouraged. She put many, many towels under her head and started washing her hair while Mom was in bed. I was so very appreciative. Mom's gown didn't get wet. I was shocked!
I even got her to smile when I took the picture. Yes, she knows I'm posting this. I told her I had to take a picture to send to everyone, especially my brother Todd. He had been at the hospital when Mom was at her worst and wouldn't believe that she was doing better. She looked more like herself after getting her hair done.

Another night we went to visit Grandma Shuldberg, with Janae's and Shon's family. We were two deep as we were visiting.

Grandma Shuldberg is in the white sweater in the rocker.

Brian's Aunt Diane was also there. She is probably the most selfless person I know. When Brian and I got married her and her husband, Dave, offered to let us stay at their house for as long as we needed. Even though she is an in-law, she is one of my favorite aunts.
She is helping Zack and Carson build this tower. I bet she is a wonderful grandma!!

The day we were leaving, there was more snow. We were now getting nervous that we should of left a day earlier. A storm was coming through.

As soon as we arrived at Shuldbergs to pick up the kids, they were headed outside to play.
They found out that ATVs are fun in snow as well as mud!

Grandma Shuldberg caught a ride with the kids.

Brian kept putting snow on Carson and he loved it! Grandma had snow pants for all the kids. She was prepared for us southerners.

Mason looks like it was hard work to shovel off the deck...he only did one shovel full!

Even in Amarillo it was cold. On our way home there was ice on the trees...BRRR!

no school

What an exciting morning we have had. This possible stressful day has turned out to be relaxing and fun. Brian was headed out of town around 5 AM, down to Austin. Then he called and said the roads were icy and seminary needed to be cancelled. So Bailee and I started making calls. Then shortly before 6 school was cancelled. YEA!! Brian and I went back to bed and slept until 8. This has probably been the most relaxed bad weather day ever! This afternoon we are planning on going to a movie. The roads really aren't that bad. Shh! Don't tell anyone.

Originally, my day was going to consist of...taking Bailee to seminary, since Brian was going to be gone. Hurrying home to make breakfast for the family. Hurry back to the church once Seminary was over. Load everyone up in the car by 7:30 and drop kids off at school. Karlee had to be early to school, so I take Bailee at the same time since I'm already out. With me picking up Bailee from Seminary I wouldn't be here to make sure Mason caught the bus, as a result I was planning on dropping off everyone. So by 8 I would of been exhausted and still not showered and ready for the day.

My evening would of been the same. Karlee has piano at 5, near SHS. I don't get home until 6, when I'm already late for Carson's basketball practice that starts at 6, with Mason having practice at 7. Mason's practice has already been cancelled. I bet Carson's will be also. We will still go to piano, the cost is the same whether we go or not. So...we're going. Thursday evenings for the next couple of months are going to be a little hairy. At least today we're going to have fun!! Enjoy the day with your kids...I am!

Monday, January 4, 2010

off to a good start

First Monday of the month, and of the new year, and we all were in attendance for FHE. Nobody dared miss these yummy treats I made. Chocolate covered marshmallow on a graham cracker. Mason liked the ones without the cracker best. We talked about our individual goals we made last year. The ones we achieved and why we struggled on others. Then we made new ones. I don't usually put myself out there like this, but I think I'll share what I'm working on this year.

I want to put pictures in photo albums. I can't say I want to be caught up, because that would be like 10+ years. So I want to complete 2 albums.

I want to read/study the four gospels. Many years ago I taught the New Testament for the 11 and 12 year olds at church. I enjoyed it very much.

I want to do better at meal planning. In the past, many many years ago, I would have the entire month planned out with our family favorites. Never repeating the same meal. It takes planning, organization, motivation. Already I feel overwhelmed! I month at a time.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


He seems...stiff. Don't laugh too hard!!