Thursday, July 21, 2011

HK ~ this and that

The streets were packed with people rain or shine.  Also lots of free standing signs.   

For scaffolding they used bamboo.  It was strange to see an entire skyscraper covered with bamboo.  They said it is stronger than the metal poles and more flexible.  It is imported from China.

This is an elephants tusk that we saw in a store window.  The detail is amazing!

When Brian and I were on a city bus we noticed this cemetery.  It's pretty amazing to look at all the many different levels.  (Sorry for the glare.) 

They used every spot possible. :)

These two pics are of "Ladies Market".  It was lots of fun. They had everything from purses, watches, umbrellas, earbuds, magnets, to silk robes and ties. Part of the fun was talking them down. At least I thought that was fun, I don't think Brian did. I had no problem starting super low. If you decided to walk away they would still continue to sell to you. Sometimes you would be 2 or 3 stores down and they would finally say OK and sell it to you for the price you wanted. :o)

The boys love their silk outfits.  One more thing to add to their dress up.  All of us girls now have a silk robe from Hong Kong.  (I'm not sure who took that picture of Karlee.  It's kind of blurry.)  I tried to get one for Brian with a dragon on the back.  Not a chance. 
We also bought silk ties for Grandpas and Brian.  Plus many other souviners.  I made sure to pack light so I could fit all the souviners in our suitcases.  I did well.  They all fit and everything was snug.  :)  The best way to pack.

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