Monday, May 31, 2010

family day

The entire day we hung out as a family. We haven't done that in a very long time. I called Kinz about 8 and invited her to join us at the movies. We saw "Percy Jackson". We loved it. Especially the boys. When the credits were still rolling, Carson said he was going to pretend to be Percy when we got home. :0) I think we'll be buying this one. Also, it only cost $29!! Tickets for seven people with popcorn and soda. Maybe that's another reason Brian and I loved it...bargain!

After the movie we headed home to swim and grill. We played in the pool for about 4 hours. Adam loves the pool. All the kids commented on how much fun they had today. We played hard, ate good food and enjoyed just being with family.

Kinzie has left for home and the three little ones are in bed. I'm sure everyone will sleep hard tonight. Only 2 1/2 more days of school and we can play like this more often...I hope.

seminary swim

Saturday we had the seminary class over for a swim. 12 of the 14 teenagers were able to make it. They are all such good friends. It was great watching them interact and play games in the pool.

There was one minor incident. Damon was swimming and didn't see Carlos. Carlos was poked in the eye, which caused it to bleed. After he was out of the pool for a few minutes I checked out his eye and it looked bad. The white of his eye was scratched and it looked like it was already swelling, or the eye was kind of oozing. I told him he needed to go see his mom then probably see a Dr. I talked to him on Sunday and the Dr. said he was lucky with where the scratch was. His eye is sensitive to light and sore but all should be fine. I'm soo glad it was a minor thing. Nobody was messing around or anything. It truly was an accident.

Friday, May 28, 2010

cub scout

The anticipation of going to your first pack meeting...for both of us, turned out great. :0)

At school on Thursday Mason made a card for me that read, Dear Mom, I hope you will have a good time while I'm at boy scouts every time I'm at it. Love Mason. Scouts have been on his mind a lot lately. Mine too. I didn't finish putting on his last patch until a few hours before we were ready to leave. But it was ready and waiting for him after dinner.

When we arrived we were both a little nervous, then we found a friend. His pack presented the colors, I think that's what it's called. Mason was included even though he didn't know what to do. The Webelos included him in their skit too. He was in heaven. About half way through the meeting Mason leaned over to me and tells me it's better than he thought it would be. What a relief. We didn't get home until after 9, which was a bonus.

There is soo much to scouting. I'm sure I'm going to be lost...I'm lost already. I guess that's what leaders are for. I'm hoping I can help Mason earn something, anything, before the next pack meeting. Yea!! for cub scouts!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

morning events

The second grade class had their field day this morning. The weather was perfect. Warm, overcast with a breeze. Usually getting wet at this event is a bonus. Next year we will start going to the high school for field day.

I decided that I wanted to find someone for Adam, "Jay" offered to watch Carson too. I've never been to field day without any little children. I could give my full attention to Mason. Thanks "Jay"!! It was great!

Right in the middle of field day was Karlee's awards assembly, so I missed many of the events. (That's the not so fun part with having many children. You often miss something.) She received 5 awards and a plaque for all A's. The plaque was icing on the cake. I'm sure she has already decided where to put on her wall. ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

8 is GREAT!!

Today is Mason's 8th birthday. Such an exciting age. Brian will be out of town tonight so we gave presents and had cake last night. A nice surprise for the birthday boy. He loved all of his gifts, but I think his favorite is his very own Bible and Book of Mormon. He was very excited to use his Book of Mormon this morning when we read scriptures as a family. Eight reasons why Mason is great!!

  1. He is a very nice big brother. He involves Carson with whatever he is playing.
  2. He is affectionate. He will give hugs for no reason at all.
  3. He will do what he enjoys and is not swayed by others.
  4. He knows what he wants to be when he grows up. A mounted police officer.
  5. His laugh is contagious.
  6. He enjoys playing with friends, but doesn't mind playing by himself.
  7. He is helpful around the house.
  8. He tries hard to do what is right. He doesn't want to disappoint.

WE love you Mason!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

summer is here

I know there's still many more days of school before summer is really here. But, Brian finally had the time to get in the pool and play. That has to mean that summer is close. Doesn't it?

I'm not sure if this is a fair's the best we can do though. Go Karlee!! Go Mason!!

camp out

Friday was our Ward father and son camp out. My boys have been looking forward to this ever since they got home from the last camp out, almost 1 1/2 years ago. I think the only down side was Brian and the boys didn't arrive until 8pm. They left the house about 5, but with traffic and check in they arrived late.

There was a good turn out. I think Brian said 13 dads and 28 boys. The Ward provided the breakfast for Saturday morning. Such a great idea. You broke a couple of eggs in a sandwich bag, added ham and cheese if desired, and salt and pepper. Then the bag was placed in boiling water to cook. Put in tortilla and you have a breakfast burrito.
Brother Robinson brought many canoes and life jackets for everyone to use. Brian said the boys thought it was great to be on the water by themselves.

They are growing up soo much. I'm glad that Brian has the time and is willing to take them on these camp outs. Such great memories they are making together. (Thanks for taking pictures for me.)
While the boys were gone, us girls (and Adam) went to a movie. It was nice to relax with them. After we dropped off Kinz and Adam, the three of us went to Walmart. Bailee always thinks it's cool to be out late at Walmart. So we decided to stay out a little later and went to Chile's for some Molten Chocolate Cake. One of the best desserts around. YUM!! Saturday morning, once the girls finished their chores, we had breakfast at IHOP and did a little shopping, something none of the boys enjoy doing. So I guess you could say the father and son camp out is fun for all!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I mean it...

...stop talking! Not really, I didn't do this to Carson. I had no idea this was going on until every person we passed down the aisle was laughing out loud at this boy. So I stopped to take a look. He also had his hands behind his back. Like I tied him up or something. Crazy kid!! Actually this is better then what he usually does. Usually he is a stunt boy and climbs around the cart while we are rolling through the store. He is fun...but I'm glad I only have one Carson.

places I have visited

This was on Kathy's blog. Such a great idea.

visited 23 states (46%)

I have also been to many parts of England, Paris, and Toronto. My next hopeful place is Arkansas for ATV riding with the family. A hopeful trip one day with my hubby would be a cruise to many warm islands or Hawaii. I'm not picky. :0)

Create your own visited map of the United States

Monday, May 17, 2010

Are we done yet?

I'm soo ready for school to be out. These last few projects and assignments I'm struggling with. The kids are doing fine, but I'm ready for summer to be here. Eleven and a half days left.

I know come August I'll be ready for school to start again. But today...I want my kids home!

Friday, May 14, 2010

early party

A few weeks ago I asked Mason if he wanted a big party or a couple of friends for his birthday. He decided a couple of friends. After the zoo, the plan was to keep those two friends and stay at the zoo longer. Well that changed due to the rain. One friend ended up going home with his Dad since he was soaked to the skin. We were able to go to DQ for some ice cream with Benjamin at least. Then for dinner we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Both Benjamin and Bradley thought Chuck E. Cheese was for little kids. They were surprised they had fun. We all had fun.

We then headed over to the park to run off some energy. There were other kids already playing and before we knew it a game of tag was started.

Even the big girls came along. They are becoming good friends. I guess all that had to happen was one had to move out. :0) Having their own room was not enough, they needed their own address. ;0)

zoo field trip

For days there have been talk that the field trip would be cancelled because of rain. This morning I was crossing my fingers that the field trip was still on. It must of worked. I believe there were 80 or so buses there for field trips. Lots of kids.

With the weather mild, it seemed that the animals were more active than usual. The hippos were the only animals being lazy. Even the snakes and lizards were moving around. Now that I think of it...maybe it's because of the storm that was coming. Definitely something to think about.

These turtles were great. We caught them eating lunch. They all had their own dish.
These boys on the turtle had lots of fun together. Carson, Benjamin, James, and Mason.

The zoo has a new building that has an aquarium to watch while you eat. Very entertaining.

After lunch we checked out the rest of this new building that had lizards, snakes, turtles and many kinds of insects. While we were in there the storm finally hit. It hit about 12:15 or so and never really let up. We hadn't heard from Mason's teacher about where to meet or any changes because of the rain. The kids were tired of staying in the same place, so after 1 we headed towards the bus to see what was next.

This was what was next. Soaked boys!! They thought it was great. I had originally planned on keeping Mason, Ben, and Bradley and hanging out at the zoo longer. That changed and we all left very quickly. We were a little bummed that we couldn't stay. But we will never forget this field trip and how we got rained out and soaked to the skin. There's usually an upside to everything.