Wednesday, June 29, 2011

home again

What an amazing two weeks we had in Hong Kong and China!  I have over 1000 pictures to edit.  It may take some time, but I will share our trip and hopefully have it completed before summer is over. 

Without any planning, I was able to see my Dad for a few hours Monday night before we left for Hong Kong.  I haven't seen him since last summer. 

Brian and I flew into SLC on the 13th and he was there because he had an appointment early on the 14th.  I'm so grateful that our schedules landed us in Salt Lake at the same time.  He looks good, but he has aged. (Sorry Dad.) This last year hasn't been very good to him.  He had knee replacement surgery in April, then in May he was told he has a rare form of cancer.  He was in SLC for a second opinion.  The Dr. told  him basically the same thing.  He has finished his radiation treatment and he still might do some chemo.  I'm not sure what he's decided.  I pray everyday for you Dad.  I love you!!

While we were gone, the kids were very busy.  Karlee and Bailee went to girls camp, it was Karlee's first year.  Bailee attended youth conference.  She also finished her Spanish class and earned a full credit for High School.  Mason finished playing baseball with the YMCA, and Karlee attended CFK and has one day left. 

It's good to be home, but today has been a challenge.  I'm exhausted!!  At 3 I wanted to take a nap, instead we went for a swim.  At 5 when Bailee drove to pickup Karlee from CFK I started to fall asleep in the car.  Not good when Bailee only has a learners permit.  But now I think I'm headed to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

full days

Bailee started her summer class on Friday.  This picture was taken after class since Brian gave her a ride in the morning.  She's taking a Spanish class that she's doing on the computer.  Today she found out that she can work on it at home.  Hooray!!  She's hoping to finish the class early so she can still make it to girls camp and youth conference this month.  I know she can do it as long as she stays focused.

Friday was our Ward swim.  At one point there were over 30 people in the pool.  It was very refreshing.

Today we have planted flowers, mowed the lawn, driven Bailee to and from school, watched Mason play baseball, gave three boys haircuts, started and finished laundry, and attended a Ward picnic at the park.  After we ate many kids and adults played softball.  It's been a full day.  :0)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

twilight camp

Monday I was able to chaperon for Twilight Camp.  As we were driving, about 2pm, the temperature was 95.  It was a very hot day.  We all had fun and we even had a station that cooled us off by having a water gun fight.  :)

 The first station was "worm hole".

 This was probably his favorite for the day.  Building and shooting rockets.  I took multiple pictures of the pvc pipe.  Maybe we can build one. 

 At lunch the boys designed and drew their flag.  They all took part and I think it turned out great.

Another rocket...  This space theme is great.  Everyday he has come home with some very cool crafts.  Tuesday he made a lantern where he punched constellations in the metal with a nail.  His favorite for Tuesday was a pvc marshmallow shooter that he made completely by himself.  Yesterday he made a sun dial and a constellation tracker to help him identify where the constellations are depending on the month. It's a good thing there are only two days left.  He is a very tired boy.

This week has been very busy.  Although, we have found time to play in the pool.  We have had friends over once already, and tomorrow is our Ward's Friday swim at our house.  Any spare time I can find I have been preparing for our trip next week.  We are leaving Monday to go to Hong Kong and China.  I can't believe it's almost here.  I'm getting anxious.  For one because I'm worrying about my kids.  Two, because it's China.  It's a whole other world. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

pool party

We had a seminary pool party today.  Everyone had lots of fun and I'm sure we all got a little sunburned.

Not quite seminary age but they still had fun.  :o)


I was so glad to have a morning game today.  We had team pictures before the game so we were there for two hours in the heat. 

He tried out the catchers position today.  He did a good job.  Although, he said the helmet felt weird. 

last day of school

After school, on Thursday, we went to a friends house for a water fight and pizza.  Then a few friends came over to swim.  Summer has hit hard, high 90s.  The pool was soo refreshing.


I can't believe how fast the days are flying by.  Wednesday was the last full day of school.  Carson and I made sugar cookies for Mason's class party for Thursday. 

He actually ended up playing in the flour.  He  had fun.

Later that afternoon we went to Mason's awards ceremony.  He earned all "A" for the year.  He also earned a Six Flags ticket for reading 6 hours.  In July we will probably go to Six Flags.  The kids all love it.  If one of the kids earn a free ticket, we all go.  :)