Saturday, February 23, 2013

more stuff

Thursday morning the clouds were very cool.  I still can't decide if they look like frosting for taffy.  

Thursday night the 5th grade put on a play.  They all did a great job.  There are many hams in that class.  (We arrived later than I wanted so my seats weren't very good.)

The boys are doing great with their basketball teams.  Carson's team is undefeated with only one more game to go.  Today's game was especially great.  Carson made two baskets!!   His excitement was over the top. 

Mason's team struggled today.  We lost by 3.  With one second to go one of our players threw the ball trying for a 3 point basket and it hit the rim.  So close.  Last week we had a double overtime and we came out as the winner!  Super intense at times.  Mason's team will have a tournament next week.  Hopefully we'll have games most of the afternoon. 

Yesterday Bailee had a Skills competition, for cosmetology, in Waco.  (We haven't heard how she did yet.)  Both the girls had a Venturing Crew camp out on this weekend preparing them for Philmont in August.  With Bailee being in Waco I drove down to get her then took her straight to Mineral Wells.  I ended up being in the car 7 hours getting her where she needed to be.  Some kind of Taxi service she has. 

I started sewing a new project but it's top secret.  I have two of the three finished.  Hopefully I can share soon. 

14 days until our most amazing trip to Italy and Greece!!  WE can't wait!

Valentines Day

 I have been slacking and the month has flown by way to fast.  Finally I have pics of parties. 

Valentines Day was very relaxing.  I know it's because I didn't offer to take sugar cookies or cupcakes to the boys parties this year.  The first ever Valentines Party where I didn't have any kind of responsibility.  It was awesome!!

The fifth graders didn't really have a box or anything for their Valentines.  The night before I quickly made this bag for Mason.  I felt better that he had something for his Valentines.
 This is Mason's group that he sits with.

 Carson lost another tooth about a week ago.  There are many holes in his mouth now.

This picture has Jared, Dawson, Gaige, Carson, and Emma.  Dawson is one of Carson's best friends.

Matthew is his other best friend.  I don't think Emma is going to let go. :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

trailer is here

A friend of mine, Mary Gray, has a book coming out this fall and her book trailer was released today!! I've had the opportunity to read the first chapter and now I can't wait for the book.  I might be more excited than most for the release of the trailer.  You'll have to watch to find out why.  ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

more sewing

Even the kids are memorized with the embroidering machine.  ;)  Since they were all watching I decided to walk away.  Then Bailee hollered that it wasn't working.  Can you see where it messed up?  The bobbin ran out.  I replaced it and continued on.  Not sure how I was going to fix this.  The only way I knew for sure was to fix it by hand.  It was but NOT fun.  I have since attended a class to learn all about my new machine.  I found out how I can go back a few stitches and it will stitch it again.  Basically, I didn't need to fix it by hand.  Next time stitches are missing I know how to fix it on the machine.  Love it!!

In January I decided to make a Valentines runner.  I figured it was a project I could finish quickly and it would give me practice on all the aspects of making a quilt.  Piecing, layering, free motion sewing, and binding.  My friend helped me with cutting out the width of binding only.  I went home with her amazing book and figured out how to put it all together.

I think it turned out great!!  I'm already considering to make an Easter runner with a totally different look. 
I received these adorable little ladybug salt and pepper shakers for Christmas from Carson.  He spent his own money at the school holiday shop.  They add a nice touch to the table.
On another note, McKinzie went back to work last Monday.  She was hoping she could stay home with her kids.  With Geoff still attending college and his job, amazing as it is, is considered a temporary position they decided she needed to continue working.  Luckily they have great people to watch their kids.  One day a week I watch them and a young friend, with two boys of her own, watches them the other four days.
Today is the first time these two are all mine!  It's been fun.  Adam and I made cookies.  I think we make them weekly.  It's fun!  He likes to eat the cookie dough more than the cookies (don't we all).  Harley has been next to perfect.  Eating every four hours, taking short naps in between, and smiling whenever I give her any attention.  It's a good day!
We've played fire fighters, Polly Pocket, and trains.  I've really enjoyed, as I'm feeding this little pink bundle, hearing Adam playing and using his imagination.  This is what being a Grandma is all about. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

more valentines craftiness

After Dawn helped me with my first vinyl project I ventured out on my own and made this.  I bought the cartridge months ago but had never used it.  I think it turned out great!

Then I made this.  I actually bought the valentine scrapbook paper last year just before Valentines but never cut the hearts out.  I made sure to make this year.
My sewing isn't very straight at all.  I was too lazy to change the foot on my machine.  LOL  Oh well.  From a distance you can't tell. ;)

boys bball

Saturday the boys had games and their team pictures.  Mason's pictures began when Carson's game was finishing.  I'm so grateful that Brian was able to be at the games.  He took Mason to his pictures while I stayed with Carson.  I only was able to get (sneek) a picture of Carson.  No worries though.  I always buy the team picture and wallets of the boys.

 It was probably their best games yet.  They both hustled, and blocked, and shot many times.  Although neither one made a basket.  :(
This is me taking pictures while waiting on a train.  I was on my way to Mason's game and I had to stop for TWO trains.  Not cool!  The second train was actually stopped on the tracks when I arrived.  I'm glad I had my camera with me.  I kinda like this picture.