Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Candid is sometimes best (6 weeks old). I love her little spit bubbles. :-)

storm a brewin'

This morning was such a dreary day.  I was tempted to climb back in bed.  But I didn't.  I went and read with students in Carson's class, then McKinzie and I went to IKEA.  The second trip in 6 days!  I think we're set for awhile.  There was a chance for rain all day.  At 2:30 the clouds started to look interesting.  If you looked to the East it was bright and sunny.  Looking West and it was dark and stormy.  The rain hit at 3.  Big, big drops at first, then it poured.  It was a good storm. Good to be home. 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

shooting with friends

Sunday Marcia suggested we go shooting, to me and our friend Chissy.  I jumped at the opportunity. We decided to meet at 5:30 before the sun was gone. 
Then came the challenge of scheduling.  Brian was going to be at a CSC.  Bailee worked.  Karlee needed to be picked up at 5:30 after track. Carson had basketball practice at 6.  I had cub scouts from 4-5, along with Chrissy. And we have a parent that doesn't pick up till 5:30.  How do I make this work?!
First thing I did was call the mom that runs late and gently remind her that scouts is over at 5.  She took it well.  Karlee found a ride home with a friend.  Then I texted a mom of Carson's teammate and she took Carson to and from basketball (I'll drive him on Thursday).  I'm so very grateful I was able to make it work. 
Next week the three of us are going to get together and edit.  That's what I need most.  Photoshop is complicated!   I did shoot in RAW.  Now I'll be able to compare jpeg to RAW to see what kind of a difference it makes.  When we go on our trip during spring break I'll probably shoot in RAW.  I'll have to download my pictures everyday.  RAW files are huge.
Without any editing, I'm quite pleased at my pictures.  They are straight out of the camera.  My online course has helped.  These are a few of my favs!
Love my tripod! Love the 2 sec timer! Love my friends for inviting me! Love my camera!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Mason is playing basketball too!  I had signed him up at the same time as Carson but the team he was assigned to was scheduled to practice at 8, two nights a week.  Way too late for a 10 year old.  So we waited to see if there would be an opening on another team.  Last week I got a call about an opening on another team.  He now practices one night a week from 6-8.  A long practice but a better time. 
After his first practice he was too excited to sleep.  :)  He loved it!  At his first game on Saturday he did great! I'm glad he's playing basketball.  I love watching my kids play sports.    


I added a little personalization to Harley's blanket and burp cloth the other day.  I'm loving this new machine. 
I love this picture too.  This was taken when she was 3 days old.
She's one week old in these three pictures.  

This was taken Thursday.  One month and five days old.  I'm ready for McKinzie to go back to work, sorry Kinz.  I'm ready to see my grandkids more.  Harley was a  month and one day old before I had the first opportunity to feed and burp her.  Shocking, I know.  There's been lots of Grandma's around so I've been patient, knowing I would have many turns.  I didn't think she would be this old though.  She's growing and changing already.  I'm so grateful they live close so we can see them often.   

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

texas snow

When we woke up today we had snow.  Well...Texas kind of snow.  The kids thought it was great.  The roads were icy when I took the boys to school.  Many schools in the area had a two hour delay.  Flights were cancelled due to lightning.  A strange combination, snow and lightning.  It was mostly gone by noon.  
I think these little icicles on my tire are super cute.  :)
I went to have lunch at school today with Mason.  It seemed that every time I turned around there was Carson.  It was fun to see them both during the day.  They are such sweet boys.  They both gave me big hugs when I left.  I'm glad they're not too cool and still hug me in front of their friends.

amazing monday

Monday was a great day!  I washed, dried, folded, and put away eight loads of laundry.  But that's not the great part, I do that every Monday.  :)  I was able to make this Valentine artwork with a friend.  She helped me with the vinyl lettering.
Then I did some sewing.  I finished Harley's blanket, sewed her stats on the edge of the blanket.  I wanted to finish her flannel blanket but ran out of thread.  So I decided to try out the embroidering part of my new machine.  This is the one I bought.  I am loving it! 
 I might add even more snowflakes to this dish towel.
I still need to add some decorative stitches around the edges of this burp cloth, but wanted to do more.  I think this teddy bear turn out pretty good.  There are some flaws, but only Bailee and I know where they are.  ;-)   Bailee, don't tell!


Saturday was Carson's first game.  This year they play full court, keep score, and use the "real" baskets. All the boys were tired from running soo much. 
Every time Carson's team made a basket he was super excited!
We now have church at 11:00.  It's been nice to sleep in.  Although the afternoon and evening fly by way too fast.  On the first Sunday of the year Carson was super excited for church.  He was going to be in Senior Primary!  He was a little nervous too.  He didn't realize that it would be all the same kids in his class.  ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Tuesday night we had pack meeting.  Everyone made paper planes and had races and attempted specific events.  I made these trophy cookies for the three winners. After the meeting everyone received a ribbon. :)
Mason earned his artisan pin and a chess belt loop.  He's really close to earning his Webelos patch.  I need to sit down and help him focus.
Geoff is our new Cubmaster!!  The boys are very excited.  Carson asked Geoff if he'll still be the Cubmaster when he's a cub scout.  Carson will be eight in September. I'm sure Geoff will still be there.  And I'm sure I'll still be the Wolf Leader. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

two front teeth

Both of Carson's front teeth have been loose for some time.  He finally lost/pulled one tooth last Thursday.  His other tooth was soo loose it would wiggle in every direction.  Mason also had two loose teeth.  These boys are stubborn.  They think they should fall out on their own.
Tuesday morning I convinced them both to let Dad try.  We had success! Both boys lost a tooth!
I love this toothless boy.  I feel bad that he cried once it was pulled.  He still has a  tear.
Both boys feel better with their tooth gone.  Now I need to convince Mason to let Dad pull his other tooth.  :)

New Year's Eve

I'm extremely slow posting for this year.  I really do have some good excuses.  First of all we've been sick.  The day after Christmas I was sick.  Two days later Carson was sick.  Then two days after that Brian was sick.  I felt really bad.  Most of the time Brian's parents were here someone was sick.  We didn't go and do anything exciting.  But it all worked out.  We hung out at home and visited and relaxed.  It was nice.
On New Year's Eve Geoff's family came over to celebrate with us.  We played Wii and Headbanz.  I bought noise makers and poppers.  For about 15 minutes before midnight it was extremely noisy around our house.  The boys loved it! 
We had lots of yummy food.  The chocolate fountain, of course, meatballs, little smokies, nacho cheese dip, and artichoke dip.  Then shortly before midnight we started frying donuts.  It was delicious!! Happy (late) new years everyone!!