Saturday, July 16, 2011

funny story

Thursday night Bailee and Karlee gave us a laugh. 

I was in the kitchen doing dishes talking with Kinzie and we thought we heard a knock, but Stella never barked.  Then the phone rang and Mason answered, it had to be family for Mason to answer.  It was Bailee.  She was locked in the downstairs bathroom.  She later told us that she thought McKinzie was holding the door.  There was a toy sword in the bathroom so Bailee used it under the door to see if she could hit whoever was holding the door.  She then joked and said, "OK, let go of the door.  It's not funny anymore."  Still nothing.  She knocked a couple of times and no one came.  Luckily she had her cell phone with her and she called the house. 

That same night, Bailee and I went to Aldi.  The boys were watching a movie upstairs, then Kinzie left.  When Bailee and I got home Karlee was locked in the bathroom.  (Obviously the lock is broken.) She said she was in there long enough to learn how to french braid her hair.  So now she braids her hair every 15 minutes.  A few days before she was thinking about cutting her hair, now she wants to keep it long so she can braid it.  :)  I've told her that whenever she complains about her hair I'm going to lock her in the bathroom until she learns to love it.  Crazy kid!

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