Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Alison!!

Today is Alison's birthday. She has become a little obsessed with taking pictures, which means that most of the time, she is the one behind the camera. This one, she still took the picture but happened to get in front of it too.

Alison is the center of our universe. She is the keeper of all important things. (memories,documents, keepsakes). She is the finder of all lost things. (shoes, keys, homework) She is the person we all want to see first when something good or bad happens to us. She brings us to reality, reminds us that she loves us and helps put things back in perspective. What a wonderful example she is to our family. She is all these and many more.

Oh, I wish I had words to express how much we love her and how happy I am that she has chosen to be who she is.

So today and everyday, Alison. May you enjoy the blessings of life, happiness, friendship and love!
We love you so very much!! Happy Birthday!!

I have been putting kisses everywhere today to remind Alison how much we love her. Here are a couple more.. hehe

Sunday, September 27, 2009

shower fun

I told McKinzie I needed to update her profile. Her shirt was too loose so I asked her to hold her tummy. She can be quite accommodating at times. Do you think the delivery will be? Only time will tell. Three weeks left!
After her photo shoot we we're off to her shower. Her visiting teachers threw if for her. They were great. Thank you Holly and Christy!! We had lots of fun!

After eating and relaxing she jumped right into the gifts.

Tracy had just mentioned how funny it was that she always looks at the feet of the sleepers first. So when she opened this she was very excited to see puppies on the toes and a puppy face on the bottom of the sleeper. Baby clothes are adorable!!

Many friends got together to give her this gift. I know, I know... in a much earlier post I mentioned that I still had one in the attic. When we looked last weekend it wasn't there. I guess I gave it away. Luckily these amazing women came through for her.

Holly, McKinzie's visiting teacher, made this adorable diaper bag for her. I have recently learned that there is nothing that this woman can not do. I'm not exaggerating. I don't want to go through the list here and now, but it's true. If somebody knows a little dirt on her, even dust, I would love to hear it.

She also made these onesies. She did tell me that she made the Texas flag for me, I have a thing for Texas. Unfortunately they are a 6-9 month size, so I guess he can't wear it home from the hospital. I guess I'll let the mom choose what she want him to wear home.

I think she got lots and lots of great things. Now to find a place for it all at home.

friends are...

the BEST!! This girl in the middle, Becca, received 4 tickets to a Taylor Swift concert for her birthday. She invited Karlee and another friend to go with her. Too cool!!! These girls are 10 and 11 years old. Kinzie was way jealous!

Karlee said their seats were three rows from the top. Luckily when your young, your excited to go and not too upset where you sit.

For Karlee's birthday we gave her two Taylor Swift CD's. I wanted her to know the songs so she could sing along. Becca's dad said that Karlee knew all but two of the songs, I guessed it worked.
Karlee and Becca got matching T-shirts. Becca's other friend really wasn't into it. If it hadn't been so loud, I was told, her other friend would of fallen asleep. Oh well, concerts aren't for everyone. Thanks for taking Karlee Becca. You are a great friend!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

face lift

We told McKinzie some time ago that this room style would last her until she left for college. Basically, we don't plan on repainting until someone else takes over the room. Well that is about to happen. So we decided she needed a more adult like, relaxing room.

Brian cut out wood. Kinzie and I found fabric that matched the baby blanket and bumper pad that she plans on using. Now we have a new headboard and a more serene room. (Still looking for a duvet that matches the headboard.)

McKinzie thinks it looks like nursery. I guess that's what happens when there is a cradle and baby items everywhere.

My Dad made this cradle for me when Mason was born. Mason didn't use it very long. He was such a big baby, he would get his arms caught in the slats while he slept. So he moved to a crib at a very young age.

My Dad started woodworking when I was in high school. He made my cedar chest for me, one of the first things he made. All of the kids wanted some thing he made. When my youngest sister was having her first baby, she found a pattern to make this cradle. She gave it to our Dad. Now only the kids that had a baby after Avery, my niece, received a cradle. Thanks Aarin, that was a great idea! I believe only four of the ten of us have one. I guess there are many privileges to being the youngest in a family :o).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The calender tells us it is fall, and for the first time since we have lived here it feels like fall when it is supposed to. I love summer. The sun on my face and living in the pool. But fall is another favorite time for me. I love the changing leaves, which don't happen around here until November, the cooler nights and warm days. My favorite is being able to open windows and turn off the AC. I remember one year I was talking with my Mom, who lives in Idaho, and she was telling me that they tuned on their furnace for the first time. I had to laugh, because we had finally turned off our AC for the first time. It's been nice these last few days to open windows and wear long pants.

Another change happening around here is my little girl, Bailee, is growing up. Yesterday, as I was preparing dinner, she smiles and tells me that she was asked to the Homecoming Dance. At first I'm excited for her. Then Mom mode kicks in, she's only 13! I ask her what she told the boy. She told him that she needed to ask. I then gently explain to her that her answer for over the next 2+ years is, "I can't date until I'm 16". I told her that it doesn't matter if he is the nicest, cutest Jr. there is, you can't date until you are 16. So spread it around. I'm so not ready for another daughter to date. The other day McKinzie and I saw a T-shirt that had "DADD" on it. It stood for "Dads Against Daughters Dating". I almost bought it.

Changes can be easy or difficult. There is no guarantee. The only thing for sure is that change always happen.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sweet moments

Lately I've had friends ask how the family is doing. Then I smile. They are all doing great. The imagination of a 4 year old is hilarious! Carson keeps me laughing all day. McKinzie's tummy is growing and growing. She is also growing as she has stepped up to take care of her responsibilities. The kids all love school. With Bailee and Karlee starting a new school I had some reservations, but they love it. Mason has a teacher that has experience, a first for him. It's all good.
One evening I found Bailee marking in her scriptures, my eyes filled with tears. She loves seminary!! I am so grateful for that. McKinzie graduated from seminary, but I don't think she enjoyed seminary. Bailee is loving it and her testimony is growing because of it. The sweet moments of being a mom. I love being a mom!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday fun!

It felt like the whole day was focused on Carson...just like it should be.

At our family reunion in June, Carson played with Spencer's piano a lot. His Grandma remembered and got one for his birthday. Before Brian got it out of the box, Carson said now he won't need to use Spencer's anymore. Smart boy!

We did Chuck E. Cheese again for his birthday. It's a fun place and if your hungry enough, the pizza isn't so bad either :o).

Carson was actually winning!

The tickets add up fast. We got 678 total.

This crown is what he wanted with his tickets. He had seen the crown on a commercial.

A few days ago I had decided to try a Superman cake for our Superman boy. On the internet I found this idea. I think it turned out pretty good. It tasted great, that's what matters most!

4 years old!

Today is Carson's 4th birthday. He knew it was coming but wasn't really counting down. Yesterday I reminded him that today was his birthday. He said over and over, "I am so exciting!" We haven't wanted to correct him to say excited. It's cute when he still sounds like a little boy. But 4 is definitely not little anymore. He climbed into my bed this morning and I wished him a happy birthday and mentioned that he is getting old. He looked at me a little frightened and said, "I'm going to die. If I'm old, I will die". So I changed it to, "You are getting so big". He smiled with that.
Carson is not even a full day old here. He was born with the help of a midwife in Denton. It was a Monday and I went to my regular appointment and Jean, my midwife, told me if I want to have him today then come back around 5 and she'll get things started. I couldn't wait to get in the car and call Brian. So back we went to Denton. After she broke my water, Brian and I went for a walk, to encourage contractions, to an ice cream shop for some ice cream. Now that was a new experience for us. All went as planned and Carson was born around 8pm. (I don't remember exactly, they all have begun to blend together.) I do remember that we were back home between 10 or 11 that night. A midwife is the only way to go!

This is Carson's blessing day. Mason also wore the same outfit. Grandma Shuldberg made this for Mason's big day.

April 2007

4th of July 2007. Our first day in our pool. It was fun for everyone!

June 2007. Carson was all worn out from attending his Uncle Jeff's wedding. He is my only child that used a pacifier, his father gave in and gave it to him when he was little. In his hand is even better than his pacifier. We called it "fluff" for lack of a better word. It is pillow batting that he would take out of one of McKinzie's pillows. The more used the better it felt to him. At times he would share and rub it on your face for you.

August 2007 Toronto. His mouth is full of goldfish.

September 2008. Train ride at the park.

August 2009. Not a little boy anymore.
Happy birthday Carson!! We love you!

Friday, September 11, 2009


On Monday, with it being a holiday, we went bowling. It was very busy and lots of fun. We had the bumpers up for the kids and once they were up they wouldn't go down. Oh well, we all ended up using them. Not just the little ones.

Brian won, of course, although Bailee stayed close. Brian got a strike after I took this picture, I better study his form :O) On the first frame I got a strike, but by foot slid past the line and a buzzer went off and I didn't get credit. I've never had that happen. I'm sure if I got credit I would of won...yeah right.

We started taking come crazy pictures.

I finally got all of us in and I moved the camera too soon. Kinda cool shot. I'm sure I couldn't duplicate this picture if I tried.
It's been a busy week as always. Karlee is doing great with her new piano teacher. The first time we met he made the statement that he doesn't give out compliments freely....every lesson he has been impressed with her skills and tells her. He has challenged her in many ways. She will usually leave with 4 pieces that she needs to work on. Last week before we could get out the door, she had 10 pieces! The load of books in her arms was alarming for an 11 year old. This week she now has 11 pieces and she loves it! One piece is Bach. As I am reading my book I overhear him tell her not to be overwhelmed with it being 3 pages and having only 5 measures. What?!? That doesn't make any sense. I haven't head her practice yet, I can't wait.
Thursday night McKinzie and I went to the "Just Between Friends" consignment sale at the convention center. WOW!! I've never seen soo much stuff for babies in one place. She got onesies, sleepers, diapers, bottles, cute little jeans, diaper bag, jacket, and a few things for herself. I found some great things for Christmas. I can't share what I found with the chance that they might be checking in. I don't want to spoil the surprise. We were able to go during a presale since this is her first baby. They have another one in the spring. She will still qualify since her baby will be under 12 months. I guess we will mark our calenders. Only five weeks to go!