Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pioneer day

We rarely do anything for Pioneer Day.  I'm not sure if our boys understand what Pioneer Day is all about.  This past Saturday we went to Plano to see a movie called 17 Miracles.  The boys weren't excited to go.  The events aren't in chronological order but it's all true.  It's about the Willie Handcart Company and the struggles and miracles they faced as they crossed the plains going the the Salt Lake Valley.  WOW!! The amazing strength and and faith these Saints had.  All of our kids thoroughly enjoyed it.  They now have a taste of what the pioneers went through.  My Dad mentioned we had ancestors come across with the Willie or Martin Companies.  This next weekend I'll be visiting my Dad so I'll need to get all the details.  :)

Saturday evening our Ward then had a hike that had stations that shared some pioneer stories.  It was hot but it was a beautiful location.

Brian, above, led the way.  He was carrying a map.
Aiden was able to get a ride with Bishop.  :o)

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