Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My niece, Colette (front, right, green shirt), returned home from her mission to Northern California while we were in Idaho.  Months before I talked to my sister, Waynette, asking (almost begging) if her report could be on the last Sunday in June so we could be there.  She was able to make it work!  I was so very excited to be at her report.  With living in Texas we aren't able to be at these kind of events.  It was great to see all the Steel's that were able to attend.  (One brother and three sisters.)

I worry about my family.  If we'll be able to stay connected now that our parents are gone.  WE are all very independent.  WE just do our own thing and forget to share with everyone else.  I'm trying to stay connected.  I'm doing more now than I did 10 years ago.  But is it enough?


The last week of June was our family reunion.  It was planned for Lake Tahoe.  But life happens and luckily we're flexible.  Brian's grandma (Shuldberg) passed away so the family headed to Idaho.  She was 91 and had lived a good life.  These last few years had been tough for her.  Although the funeral was the purpose of the trip we were able to plan other activities too.
One day we went to The Civil Defense Caves.  They were impressive.  Very cold, completely dark, and at times I was climbing rocks on all fours.  The younger boys LOVED it.  They took off without an adult and I was concerned when we would meet up with them. 


The view of the Tetons was breathtaking!!

 Another day we went to Rigby Lake. Thanks to Shon and Holly being locals, we had chairs and a shelter.

 After the funeral we took a few family pics.  I don't think anyone told Grandpa the picture was suppose to be silly. ;0) 

Unfortunately McKinzie and Geoff weren't able to make it.  They were missed!

 There was one night we got to together with a few of my siblings.  Terri, Brenda, and Jeannette (and families) met us at the credit union picnic.  It was a lot of fun.  Free food, dunking booth, face painting, bounce houses.  Super fun!

After the boys tried this we got Karlee and Abby to give it a try.  The boys were brutal.

The whole week was fun!  Rumor has it that the next reunion will be in Branson.  Only 8 hours for us.  Woot! Woot!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Bailee and Karlee went to EFY close to home...Denton.  With such a crazy summer they had to attend some place convenient for me.  At first Bailee didn't have a roommate and no one in the adjoining dorm room.  She thought she would love it.  I was concerned so of course I made a phone call and talked to a counselor.  They assured me she would have a roommate by the end of the day.  They told Bailee I called.  She wasn't surprised.

This is Karlee's roommate Alisa.  She was from New Mexico.  They all had a great time! 

camp leader

I was the camp leader for this year.  It was fun!  We have a great group of girls.  Everyone got along which is always a bonus. 

We made cake in an orange.  It smelled yummy and tasted just as good. 

 These miniature scriptures were soo cute.  Our Stake Camp Director gave these to us for our tuck in treat.

trip to Vegas

Between the end of the school year, June 5, and Bailee's graduation, June 9th, McKinzie and I made a trip to Las Vegas to attend Skylar and Amanda's wedding.   It was a super quick trip, but we loved it!
 Skylar is my nephew and Amanda is going to be great for him.  She's so much fun!  She'll fit perfectly in Skylar's family.  They were beautiful.  The flowers were beautiful.  It was fun!

 Here's the Steel Family that could make it to Vegas, plus Tanya.  She's taking the picture.  ;)
Congratulations Skylar and Amanda!!

I embroidered pillowcases for the happy couple.  I thought they turned out cute!

cross over

For pack meeting in June Mason and Eli crossed over to Boy Scouts.  Mason also earned his Arrow of Light Award.  He was so very excited for this pack meeting.

Now Boy Scouts gets serious.  He has some great leaders.  I believe his first camp out is planned for August.  Way to go Mason!! You worked very hard to earn these awards.  Keep it up.  You're on your way to earning your Eagle.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

end of year

This year the end of year awards were held in their classrooms, which I enjoyed more.  Carson had such a great year.  His teacher is amazing.  She lives in our neighborhood and has been a friend for years. 

Carson is such a smartie! And loves to make his friends laugh!  He wasn't the class clown but I'm sure he tied for 2nd.  There were many boys wanting that recognition.
Mason had more of a graduation.  All the 5th graders in the cafeteria with a speaker.  I think the speaker kept their attention.  He had 3 things the students should do.  1. Enjoy everyday  2. Take control of your learning  3. Be yourself.  This is great advice for ALL!  
 On the last day of school the 5th graders played dodge ball.  First against each class then against their parents!  I played too.  It was fun.  My arm sure hurt by the time we were finished playing 5 games.

 Carson's class was a little crazy.  They had sundaes then went outside for a water fight.

As per tradition they held the 5th grade clap out.  I'm not ready for Mason to be a 6th grader.  He's ready though.  He's a very good student.  His best subjects are math and science.  He also had perfect attendance.  Which he loved!