Friday, July 22, 2011

HK ~ food

One evening we met two other Elders, who had been released, and their families at this place.  Is it really a restaurant?  It's definitely a place that only the locals know about.  It was yummy!

Steamed fish with a black bean sauce.  Josh, my nephew, actually ate the eye.  He said it was kinda chalky.  Nasty!!!  Josh will be leaving on his mission in September to Cape Verde, off the west coast of Africa.  I don't think he will have any problem with the food on his mission.  :)

I know that many restaurants around here display their desserts.  Many  places in Hong Kong display the entire menu.  Thought it was a little strange.

One night we found  a mexican restaurant walking distance from our hotel.  It was nice to have a Western dish.  The restaurant was called Coyote Ugly.  :) 
OK, so I thought displaying the entire menu was strange.  Leaving heads on cooked fowl makes it almost impossible to eat.  Although, I did have peking duck in Beijing.  But it wasn't brought to our table looking like a duck.  They sliced some meat off and put it on my plate.  Very tasty.
This is a dessert.  In Hong Kong they don't eat sweets.  Dessert is usually fruit.  We did have steamed cake, still not very sweet.  This is like gelatin.  We were trying to see if anyone could get it to their mouth without dropping it.  The chopsticks would go right through it so you had to be gentle.  It wasn't bad.  But definitely not my kind of dessert.

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Jay said...

I've started catching up on your blog and am just LOVING reading about your adventures!! How exciting-- the the food (don't think I could eat the fish eyeballs), the views, the people (everywhere!), and even the toilets (if I don't have to use them)--it all sounds. I can't wait to hear more!!