Monday, October 31, 2011

bridal shower

McKinzie wasn't sure she wanted a bridal shower.  I was fine either way.  She knew that if she wanted one that I would need to plan it and she knew I was already stretched.  When I realized she was leaning toward having it I called a friend for help.  Marcia had mentioned in passing that she would like to do one for her, then she went on vacation.  So instead of waiting for her return I called another friend, Ruth, for help.  I have some wonderful friends.  Many women came through for us and put together a great shower. 

Marcia even made this cute shirt for Kinzie to wear.  I think I counted around 27 people in attendance.  The food was yummy.  The games were fun and simple.  The wide variety of gifts were great!

With my gift I had a card that McKinzie read aloud.  It read something like, "I know that you feel I've been a hard nose about modesty. (This is where she rolled her eyes.) I think I've painted myself into a corner.  I hope you like what I bought you for your wedding night."  She was way scared to look in the bag.  When she pulled it out everyone couldn't control the laughter.  I gave her a floral, flannel, nightgown/robe.  One woman at the shower asked if I sewed the bottom closed.  :D  I hadn't thought of that!  Don't worry, I also gave her something "fun" for a newlywed. ;)

Halloween fun

Saturday night our Ward had a carnival and trunk or treat.  These two talked about being old people or weeks.  In just the last hour before we left it really came together for Karlee.

 Mason wanted to be a Pioneer.  He came up with the entire look.  People kept asking him if he was Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett.  :)
 Batman's sidekick hadn't arrived yet. 
 This dress that Bailee is wearing is mine!!  My mom made if for me my Jr or Sr year, I don't remember.   We planned on doing her hair like a real 80s girl,but we ran out of time.  So I gave her some real bangs!

 Mason and Karlee carved these in less than 2o minutes.  They did it on their own while I was making dinner tonight.  There just isn't enough time in the day.
 Bailee handing out candy.
 Carson wanted to be General Grievous tonight so Geoff filled in as Batman.
 Carson, Mason, and our neighbors, Colton and Cody.
 Usually Geoff is the one pulling a face.  He's starting to rub off on her. 
When I arrived home with the boys these two were reading.  Too cute!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


On Monday the 17th a friend brought me some flowers.  I was able to add them to a fall arrangement I had bought a few days before.

On Monday at about 10am I got a call from Brenda, my sister, that Dad had passed on.  It was definitely the shortest phone call I've had.  It wasn't a surprise.  In late April cancer was found on his spine, on the nerve endings.  He was told about 6 months.  In mid September there was a trip to the ER.  Then I knew that we would be attending a funeral before the wedding. 

The last few weeks he was in pain, but he never wanted to admit it to any of us kids.  I miss him.  He's been very lonely since Mom passed away.  He followed her just over 18 months later.  I can only imagine the reunion they had together.  I know they're dancing again.  I know I'll be with them again one day.  But for now...I miss them both more than I ever imagined.

2 years old

Last Wednesday, the 26th, Adam turned 2.  Time is going way too fast. 
Poppi and I gave him a truck with a trailer.  The ATV he calls a "beep beep".

He is such a smart little boy.  He's super polite.  Always a please, thank you, and your welcome.  :)

His favorite is to ask why.  Why about everything.  On Friday we were out running errands and he saw a school bus and wanted to ride it.  I kept telling him he couldn't and he kept asking why.  I finally told him he needed to ask his momma.  He said, "No, I ask Nonnie."  Too smart! 

pumpkin patch

Later after Moms and Muffins I met some friends at the pumpkin patch with Adam. 

He wasn't so sure about sitting on this straw bale. 

When Adam reached the top of this slide he wasn't sure what to do.

With a little help he figured it out. :)
This truck was his favorite.

In the picture above  I asked him over and over again to look at Nonnie, to say cheese.  He kept ignoring me then he said, "Cheese, cheese, cheese!"

Loved this tractor too!

The joy of being a grandma.  Love it!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

moms and donuts?

At our elementary school the PTA sponsors a "Dads and Donuts" and a "Moms and Muffins".  My boys don't like their choice of muffins so we stop and buy donuts on the way.  The boy in the middle is Colton, our neighbor.  Carson wishes he was a brother.  They have lots of fun together. 


Soccer season is over for us.  There's relief and sadness.  Both boys actually have games next week but with the wedding on Friday we won't be here.  Unfortunately Carson will miss his team party.  Mason might too.  Mason's team party is on the 12th so I don't know yet if will fit in our schedule of setting up for the open house. 

Mason played great today.  Probably the best all season. 

In a few weeks I'll be signing them up for basketball.  Carson for sure, Mason is still deciding. 

no school

I'm so far behind on blogging. 

A few weeks ago, on a Monday, the kids didn't have school so I took them to the Fort Worth Science and History Museum.  Mason was very excited. 

I love this huge light bright.  It brought back so many memories as a kid.

Mason and Carson played for an hour and a half in this area alone. 

They have a cool slide in the gift shop.  Bailee and Geoff actually went down it.  Geoff almost got stuck. :)

Afterwards we went to Yogurtland.  We all had a great day.