Saturday, July 9, 2011

six flags

Thursday was our annual visit to Six Flags.  I wasn't looking forward to it this year.  Mostly because it's HOT!!!  But Mason had earned a free ticket through school by reading 6 hours so...we went.  Bailee invited Jessica to ride with her and Karlee invited Alexis.  Everybody had a friend.

The boys and I went to Aquaman first.  I always forget how wet you get on that ride.  Man! We were soaked!  But that wasn't enough, the boys had to stay on the bridge and get even more wet.  The water did feel good.  At 10:30 it was already 95 degrees.  Did I say it was going to be HOT?!

 It was their 50th anniversary.  I thought how cool it would of been of they charged us admission price of 50 years ago.  Then everybody would want to party with them.  :)

 I am loving our 9 year old!!  He's normally cautious and reserved.  (Don't worry he still is.)  But he wanted to ride roller coasters again and again and again.  He was loving it! I was loving it.  He did tell me that this was the most fun he has had at Six Flags.  It really was a great day! 

Other than Jessica's mom came and picked her up around 2 because she was feeling sick.  :( 

 Shoes and socks really aren't a good idea at Six Flags.  By the end of the day their feet really hurt.

At about 5:30 we went to a Looney Tunes Dance Off.  It was perfect for the boys.  They loved it.  We also enjoyed cooling off.  Mason actually started feeling cold.

 While Karlee and the boys went on Roaring Rapids for the third time, we found this little guy to entertain us. 
 Earlier in the day we talked about how late we were planning on staying.  I said not too late.  Karlee was disappointed.  She wanted to ride in the dark.  As you can tell, somehow we stayed late.  Can you pick them out on this ride above?  Poor Lexie was soo tired.  She was done hours before we were. 

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