Saturday, July 16, 2011

good week

For Mason's birthday we gave him some kid sized tools and a few kits to build.  This past week one kit was finished, his tool box.  Mason was very excited.

 He did a great job.  He went to take it out to the garage to put away and I told Brian that he might need to make room on the same shelf so Mason could put his tool box by his.  Mason walked in the door just seconds after I finished and said, "Darn, there's no room next to Dad's tool box."  We all laughed and Brian went out and made room for Mason.  :)

This past week we also:
  • went to the library
  • went to a baptism
  • chaperoned a dance
  • watched Adam
  • grocery shopping
  •  laughed at Bailee trying to park...she forgets to focus sometimes
  • fed the missionaries
  • had cub scouts
  • practiced doing hair for a wedding
  • went to a movie with Adam, we won't do that again any time soon
  • surprised the kids with breakfast at IHOP and went school clothes shopping
  • finished school clothes shopping  WAHOO!!
  • went to a baby shower
  • did more hair
  • girls had babysitting jobs
  • swam with friends
  • swam without friends
  • baked in the sun
  • have a date...tonight

 This is Colton (next door neighbor), Mathew (friends since a baby), and Carson.
 Becca and Karlee did their own thing.  They're growing up way too fast.
This is Dawn, a friend for 7 years now.  She use to live three doors down.  She now lives 25 minutes away.  We miss her and her family.  Luckily I still do their hair and her kids go to a private school just up the road so we do get to see them occasionally.  They hung out with us on Friday.  It was fun to catch up and laugh, and vent a little.

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