Sunday, July 26, 2009

OK OK...

So we did do one tourist thing. This place was very interesting. We were able to learn about some of the ways of Quakers during the early and mid 1800's

These are the original beams that were cut with an ax. If you look close they look like lincoln logs.

This house was built in 1811. The original house had a basement and two floors and a separate building for the kitchen, although to get to the basement you had to go outside. Later the house was added on that allowed the house to be connected to the kitchen. In the picture you can see the door to the kitchen.

This barn is called a bank barn because it is built into the bank of a hill. The lower part is where they kept the animals, and the top is for wagons and storage.

The green wagon on the right has a false bottom to transport slaves to a safe place. They put the board back in place, where we see the gap, and it looks they are hauling hay. It's a tight place, but I bet two or three could fit in there.

I knew nothing about Quakers, now I know a little. Quakers also believed in education for everyone. They built schools for "free blacks" to learn. Such brave people in a frightening time.

Night & Day

With our NYC and Greensboro, North Carolina trips back to back, it was amazing how different they were. Our flight to Greensboro was a small plane so everyone is basically an equal. You could say everyone flew first class. You could say that, but is would be wrong. I'm grateful the airlines still give you something to drink on the flight. It was refreshing.
On our flight to NYC, we flew first class. Now don't jump to conclusions. With Brian traveling so often, he has frequent flyer points. We used those points to it cost us nothing. That made the treatment we received even better. Once we sat down, before take off, a drink is brought to us. Then we are offered two or three choices for our meal. (I choose the tortellini, it was yummy. Brian said it was probably his favorite for airline food.) While our meal is being prepared, we are brought another drink and some warm mixed nuts. After a hot towel, our meal is served. Notice we have linens and real dishes, nothing disposable. I could get use to this. With this meal a cake was our dessert. On our flight over, our dessert was a warm chocolate chip cookie.
In NYC we walked, and walked, and walked, and rode the subway to more stops than I can count. Don't get me wrong I loved everything about NYC. We, of course, were exhausted from being tourists.

On Tuesday, in Greensboro, Brian had work to do. He sat here at this table so he could plug in his computer.

I sat out here relaxing, reading my book, enjoying the sun when ever is would peek through the clouds.

I was able to hear the waterfall that was indoors. Quite relaxing. On Wednesday, Brian had conference calls most of the morning. I made an appointment at the spa for a Swedish massage and a European facial. Can you say "heaven"!?! It was amazing. With the week previous being so busy and tiring. This week in Greensboro could not of come at a better time. All because Brian is an amazing guy and another wanted to recognize it. Keep working hard Brian. It is paying off for both of us!

The only thing in common from the two weeks was the beauty of the temples. We were able to attend the temple twice in one week in two different states. A first for both of us.

This is the temple in Manhattan. On a very busy street corner. One cool thing, as we were walking up out of the subway there it was right in front of us. It took my breath away as I looked up and saw angel Moroni.

Then, on Wednesday night we drove about 80 miles to attend the Raleigh, North Carolina Temple. Another beautiful sight. Both temples are small and you had to call and make an appointment to attend the session. The temple in NC does not rent clothes, but they would lend Brian some pants for the session. We joked on the way home, whose pants did he borrow? what a sacrifice :O)

What an amazing two weeks we had. I am so blessed to be able to go and play and know all is well at home.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome home!

Shortly before I got on the airplane in North Carolina, I received a text from Bailee. It read: How do you make frosting? Well, I had too many questions to reply with a text so I gave her a call. I asked her what she was doing? She giggled, and told me it was a surprise. So I told her where to find the recipe and some tips on making frosting.

This is what she made for our arrival home. They were all excited to show us the cake, Bailee a little embarrassed. After it was all frosted it started to slide off. So I explained what to do different (she didn't put the bottoms of the cake together). I'm sure she will never forget. I won't either. Thanks Bailee!!! It was yummy!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This week Brian and I have been in Greensboro, North Carolina. Last night we attended a reception and dinner with NSTA, National School Transportation Association. Brian received an award, Golden Merit Award. The award is given to "recognize excellence in service, safety, and community responsibility."

We had a wonderful evening, meeting and visiting with many people in the transportation industry. I wanted to share what was read after Brian's name was announced.

Brian Shuldberg is Vice President of Driver Care for Durham School Services, Fort Worth. Brian has been with Durham School Services for ten years, where he has always played a crucial role in areas of safety and training.

Brian can be counted on to handle each and every situation with professionalism and care paying attention to even the smallest detail. The school districts he serves are always happy to work with him because they can count on him for a job well done. Brian has actively participated in the American School Bus Council's "Love the Bus" program, to recognize the school bus drivers who go above and beyond the call of duty to transport children safely each day.

Brian's leadership in his career and community epitomizes service, safety, and outstanding responsibility.

He was very honored to receive this award. I am so proud of him and the dedication he has in improving the school transportation industry. He tries so very hard to be fair with bus drivers and all the way up to the client. Being honest with every person he deals with is a large part of who he is. Congratulations Brian!! I've always known you were awesome, now everybody in the NSTA knows.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm a little behind schedule. I was hoping to post last Monday for my Dad's birthday. He turned 70!! While we were in Idaho, over the 4th, we got him a cake and celebrated early. My Dad is a dairy farmer. Retired now, but he still dreams about his cows. I think #156 is one of his favorites. When my sister and I went to order the cake, the tractor jumped out at us. The only thing better would of been a cow. I even asked if they had something like that, no such luck.

He was surprised!!
He is such a good man! Very hard working and loves my Mom more than anything else. I hope he had a great day. I love you Dad!!

The next birthday is McKinzie's. She turned 18 on Friday, while we were in NYC. We had so much fun together. I hope her birthday was special to her, we tried to do a little extra. Last minute, we got Chicago tickets! It was fun! Happy birthday Kinz!! So when are you moving out? Oops, that just slipped out, really. No hurry, she is becoming more and more fun. This maturity thing is great!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Steel Reunion - Day 2 "4th of July"

4th of July fun. Avery, the tallest, sprayed her hair first. Before we new it they all wanted red hair.

We are hanging out watching the parade. The umbrella was for my mom and dad sitting in the chairs. I'm not sure how that changed hands. Standing on the left is my niece, Colette. The one in the middle is my oldest sister, Waynette, then my youngest sister, Aarin.

I'm not sure where my parents got this idea from, but we do this every reunion. The grand kids love it. My dad gets a pile of sawdust, then rolls and rolls of coins are thrown in. The grand kids go digging for money. Usually 6 and under get a turn first. Then all the rest join in. Dust is everywhere. In eyes, down pants, but they don't care....its worth the money.

After lunch, we headed over to the church to play baseball, more games, dutch oven dinner and of course fireworks!
More nieces, (L to R) Madison, Avery, Monica and Ruby.
These two boys got along great together. I think Collin is about to touch a dead bird.
Another reunion favorite is this cannon, a candy cannon. My dad made it years ago to shoot candy up in the air to come raining down on his grand kids. Sometimes the candy has been blown open and the wrapper is empty. Bailee said that most of the candy tastes, blackened. That would be the gun powder from the cannon. All the kids still eat it!
It's raining candy!!

We have Dave, cut off a lot. Brenda, Randy, Terri, and Derek. Terri and Derek are trying to hide. That's odd, usually Randy is the one hiding. I must of caught him off guard.
Three legged races, mostly aunts and uncles against the little kids.

Last but not least, fireworks. Once the sun goes down in eastern Idaho, it gets quite cold.

Although these native teenagers aren't even bothered by the cold.
I am so glad we had this reunion. Everything about it was fun. The drive up was a breeze, I only had two kids with me. The way home was a little more challenging. Two kids had been with grandma too long, they were spoiled rotten. It's great to have every one home again. Now off to the next adventure. Details coming soon.

Steel Reunion - Day 1

It was great when everyone arrived. I think the favorite was playing water volleyball. We had so much fun that Trevor filled more balloons so when could play again the next day.

We sat under the shade and relaxed and caught up with what everyone had been up to.

While sitting around and trying to do very little. The little kids played in the bubbles.

That night Alec, my nephew, had a baseball game. Some went to the game, some played basketball, and some went to the movies. My kids and I went to see Ice Age 3 in 3-D with many other cousins.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pre-Reunion Fun

This past 4th of July weekend was a Steel Family Reunion. With Mason and Karlee having been in Idaho for over two weeks, I decided to arrive a day early, I was missing them. I also wanted to help my mom get things ready. So in the morning my sister, Brenda, and I went and finished buying food. I think over $500 was spent to feed the crowd. I think we had almost 50 people there for the weekend. Crazy fun!!

Our cousin, Lane, keeps his horses out in my dads field. All the grand kids think they are his horses. Thursday morning, by chance, Lane came by to check on his horses. I quickly sent out my cute kids to ask if we could ride his horses. He was so accommodating, he went back home hooked up his trailer and loaded it with their saddles, and what ever else we might need to ride. Lane is awesome!!! So after the grocery store we went for a ride.
This is my big brother, Todd, helping with the horses. Todd was as excited to go for a ride as my kids were. It was very funny.
Bailee took this picture of Todd and Carson galloping. When I mentioned it to Todd he said, "Oh you weren't supposed to see that". It was all good. I felt my kids were in good hands with his help.

Todd then took Mason with him for a ride down the road. Mason thought it was great! Although, they both mentioned how sore they were from riding. They both still hurt the next day when they went for a ride. The price you pay to be a "cowboy".

After riding, we raced off to the lake to meet two of my other sisters that live there, Jeannette and Aarin. At first Aarin wasn't going to come, too many little ones to watch. So Jeannette and I tag teamed her with pleading and guilt. It worked, she came!
We all had lots of fun. As for the the water, it was cold and the weather was sunny but mild. I think I'm too accustomed to Texas heat. I like my swim water to be in the mid 80's and the air outside high 90's or even 100 is good. But that's OK, I didn't go to swim. I wanted to hang out with my little sisters.

That first day was lots of fun. More fun to come!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summertime fun

Because of living in Texas and fire ants everywhere, this is the first time Carson has rolled down a hill. A little sad, but exciting to catch the event to remember.

This is in Colorado Springs, we are on our way to Idaho for a family reunion.