Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rome ~ Vatican City

OK. This post is little much, but this is how I'll remember.  This is my only documentation and I want to remember everything. 
We visited Vatican City in a few hours.  Our tour guide almost ran us through the museum. There were a few times we were so far behind, because of the crowd, that our headphones didn't pick up the tour.  It was so crowded! There were so many people there because a new Pope was going to be named in the next week or so.  The excitement in the air was pretty neat. 

St. Peter's Basilica
The Sistine Chapel was closed due to the calling of a new Pope.  Our tour guide still shared details about the Chapel. 

 People would be buried in this type of a box/coffin. They were very decorative.

 The picture above is a floor.  The detail was amazing.

This statue was to help with fertility.
This is a tapestry. It was huge.

Another tapestry.
 A tile floor.

 I love these stairs!!
The picture below is looking up.

 She those red drapes?  That is where the Pope waves at everyone!

Here's a little closer of those red drapes.

Inside St. Peter's Basilica.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Rome ~ hotel

I'm thinking I need to get busy and finish blogging about our spring break trip.  I still have lots to share. 
Our hotel was out in the country.  It was a beautiful drive.

This was taken out our room window.  Italy is such a different world.  The windows opened up all the way and I could have walked out onto the roof if I wanted. I didn't but I could have.

It was a very snug room.  But that's ok we were only there to sleep.
Here's a few pictures form our drive back into the city.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

it's fun to be 4

Adam turned 4 on the day we left Texas, October 26 (I'm slow).  We all went to IHOP for breakfast then to their house for Adam to open presents.

He is getting so big.  He's super smart and loves his sister very much. 

 Poppi getting some snuggles in before we leave.

Adam loves "guys".  So I gave him a lego pack of guys and a place to keep them so they don't get lost. 
It was really hard to say goodbye.  But it had to be done.  We tried to do it quick like tearing off a Band-Aid. We all cried...

Friday, December 6, 2013

last day in Texas

I'm so very slow in posting this.  There are only a few more things I need to post about Texas, besides spring break to Italy and Greece (I hope to catch up with that too).
Carson's teacher had a surprise for him on his last day.   

 A huge card and a framed class picture.  He was shocked!

Here he is with Juni.  They played Y basketball together many times.

These boys were his best friends in his class. Justin, Dawson, and Jake.  He has talked about them often.  He really misses his friends.

Carson's teacher, Mrs. Alsup was going to miss him too.  She told me that whenever she was busy with another student and someone needed help they were told to ask Carson.  He was very much the teacher pet.  He loved it!

Mason had an OK last day.  I think he likes Creekview more than his current school.  But I'm sure that will change.

Karlee went to the Homecoming game that night.  The last half of the game she cried with her friends.  She did not want to move.  She stills feels that way.  :-(  Most days there's tears.

Bailee wanted to make to a book launch party.  She helped with the trailer and wanted to be there for he launch.  So we stayed another day.  It was a dress up party.  McKinzie and Geoff went as Buttercup and Wesley from Princess Bride.
Bailee went as the main character in the book, Cheyenne.  They all had fun.  Brian and I watched our Adam and Retta so they could attend.