Friday, July 15, 2011

Hong Kong members

Since our purpose of going to Hong Kong was to pick up a missionary, we were able to meet a few members.  This is one of the families that Jake taught. She invited us over for dessert.  She doesn't speak English, although her kids do.  The daughter, Polly, is 15 and will graduate from High School in two years.  I asked her if she wanted a pen pal from America.  Bailee loves pen pals and is great at keeping in touch through letters.  She gave me her address.  They both are excited!

She lives in a very modest apartment building, but I think she has a great view.

Jake, Vincent and Polly.  I don't remember the moms name.  :(

On a different night a family from Jake's favorite ward, Sha Tin Ward, invited us to dinner and they "chang us out".  Which means they paid for dinner.  That is Brother and Sister Yeem in the middle.  The current missionaries also joined us.
We had such a good time getting know these people and seeing their love for Jake and the other missionaries.  Getting to know some locals was definitely a bonus for our trip. 

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