Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book of Mormon Challenge

If you remember, at the end of March, Brian challenged us to read the Book of Mormon fast. Karlee had been in the lead for the first week then lost her drive. Well, tonight Karlee came to me with a silly grin on her face. Waiting for me to ask what she needed. She had just finished the BOM. HOORAY!!! To be 10 years old and read the entire Book of Mormon is quite an accomplishment. Way to go Karlee!! You are awesome!!

Future Missionaries!

Every summer many of Mason's friends would have their hair buzzed. I could never bring myself to do that. Mason has always had beautiful hair. I know boys don't like to hear that, but it's true. These past few weeks I've been thinking about cutting his hair super short, for the summer. When I sat him down for his hair cut, I asked him if he wanted to go short. He got a sparkle in his eye and said he wanted it so short that he would have little black dots on his head. LOL, he'll never have that, he's way too blond. Since he was eager to cut his hair short, I decided to give it a try. We ended up using the #3 guard and spiking it super short. Come to find out he wanted me to buzz his whole head! Now I know I can't bring myself to do that. Mason does think it is pretty cool that we don't need to comb his hair at all. Little bit of gel and run fingers through. Does it get any simpler than that (besides a buzz)? I don't think so. Next was Carson, of course he had to do it like Mason. Carson looks so much older with short hair. My boys are growing up. :O(

This morning when they got ready for church they looked like miniature missionaries. Mason even found his "future missionary" tag. I hope when the time comes they still have a desire to serve a mission. And I know that the years will fly by and the time will be here way to fast.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Senior Prom

Here is McKinzie and Jeff ready for her senior prom. I know you are thinking, a Thursday night? What's with that? Well, with the swine flu scare, our district cancelled all extra activities for two weeks. Luckily they were able to reschedule.

It was actually a good thing that the dance was later in the month. McKinzie chose to buy a dress that was not only strapless, but backless! I'm still in shock over it. She realized quickly that her jacket would not work alone. Se we brain stormed. We were able to find fabric that matched very well (surprise number one). McKinzie then spent a better part of a day hand sewing snaps onto the dress (surprise number two).

(Surprise number three) it actually turned out great. Our sewing skills are not that great. We wouldn't want anyone to look at it close up. But I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I guess I need to give McKinzie more credit.
You looked beautiful tonight Kinz. As always!

Seminary graduation

Last night was seminary graduation. There were seven from our ward that graduated. Yes, McKinzie was one of them! I am soo excited for her. Since she finished school in January, I wasn't sure she would continue to go. Brian and I always expected her to continue attending. I don't know if she was very attentive, or even awake at times. But, she did it. Four long, very early years. YEA!! Way to go Kinz!! I am soo proud of you. How about Institute? I guess I better not push my luck :o)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday fun!

With Mason's birthday being on Sunday, he had friends over on Thursday and Friday. E was able to come over shortly after school so we went out for a swim. A couple of neighbor friends swam with us. Grace lives across the street, and Chris lives around the corner.

After Trevor arrived, after dinner, we went to Sonic for ice cream. At first T and E didn't want to go. When they realized that we were going to walk, they both thought it was pretty cool.

A friend told me about a Lego Store in Frisco. We had to go. I know, kind of a long drive for a store. It was very cool. The kids checked things out for almost an hour. They all found a lego they wanted. The big boys got Star Wars, and Carson found a pirate one. Karlee is not into Legos, but still had fun.

Off to McDonald for lunch and more fun.

Finally today we had cake. Sometimes birthday really drag on around here, and on and on. It's still not over. Tuesday I will be taking cupcakes into class. But then, we will be singing to his teacher as well. Her birthday is today, also.

Happy Birthday Mason!!

Today is Mason's birthday. He is now seven years old. WOW!! How time flies. He is my largest baby, weighing in at 10 lbs 8 oz. He was born at 4:30 am, and we were both home by 7 am to have breakfast with the family. My first time having a midwife, she was great during the delivery. We didn't know if we were going to have a boy or girl. When my midwife said he's out, I asked, "Is he really a he?" She said "I don't know." So I looked up at Brian and he is nodding with tears in his eyes. (Blessing day July 2002)

Mason has always been very sensitive, maybe it's because of his sisters. (18 mos. old, Dec. 2003)

He's always very cautious to try new things. I'm hoping this will continue through his teenage years. (Mason 3 yrs old, Carson 1 mo. old, Oct. 2005)

These last few years he is becoming more and more boy! He loves to swim, play with friends, and play with his toys. Mostly legos and toy animals. (5 yrs. old, June 2007)

Mason is a wonderful big brother. He often will include Carson or take Carson with him to play.
Mason, you are awesome!! I love you!! I'm soo glad you are apart of our family. Happy Birthday!!
(April 2007)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Field Trip

Another field trip. Yea!! I really enjoy going on field trips with my kids. The entire 8th grade class went on a math field trip on Thursday. They split up the kids. The girls went to the stockyards while the boys went downtown, then they swapped after lunch. It worked out great. While at the stockyards the students had a scavenger list of geometric shapes they had to take a pictures of.

I think they were struggling to find this shape.

When we were downtown they had to answer questions about materials that made up certain elements on the buildings, plus continue to find shapes. It was very hot downtown. Not near as much shade as the stockyards.

Here is a picture of the group that I was helping to chaperon. There were 20 girls to 3 adults. We all returned back to the buses safe. Whew!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last band concert.

I'm mostly excited that this is our, Bailee's, last band concert. She has decided not to take band next year. Yea!! I enjoy band, I really do. I played in the band for seven years. I enjoy the concerts and I love watching their show during football season. Marching band is amazing!! I do not like all the practices. Especially when they start the end of July, two a day, and continue through football season. It is exhausting, demanding, and hot. And I'm not sure how the kids feel :) I'm sure we will miss it, but for now it is a relief.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FHE activity

After we have family prayer, and if Brian doesn't stand up quickly, this is what happens.

It then turns into our activity!
I don't think anyone is disappointed.


Karlee had a research paper/project due this week. She has been working on if for weeks. She chose the state of Colorado, I think because that is where she was born. She made a float,

a bean map,

a T-shirt, and an alphabet book on the state. Her teacher was very impressed with her alphabet book, which she asked to download to show other students. Karlee was tickled with that. Later that day, Karlee had to go back in the classroom to grab her binder, and her teacher was showing the class her work. Could the day really get any better? I don't think so.

Here is Karlee presenting her project in class.

Bailee also had a project due this week. This one is supposed to be a group project, which irritate me because almost always one student takes it home to finish it. This time it's Bailee. Although, she enjoyed working on it. I think she did a great job. It is a vending machine. She had a camera on top for security, a slot to purchase with a credit card, and a keypad to unlock the door instead of a padlock. Some of the students in her group didn't like some of the choices she made, but I guess that's what happens when only one works on it. Oh well. At least it's finished and they should all get a good grade. I love it Bailee!!

Field Day

Hooray!! No rain! It turned out to be a great day. Mason had his field day at his school, which turned out to be great fun.

For the first part, Carson played on the playground and I was able to focus on Mason. Which they both loved. I kept an eye on Carson to make sure he was safe. I was shocked to see him almost at the top of this toy. I'm not sure it was even a challenge for him.

Mason wanted Carson to do this activity with him, nobody seemed to mind. All the kids had fun. The sponge was full of water. The afternoon had become very warm. Getting wet was a great help to cool off.

After the kids had ran their "dash", Carson started running. So then he joined in on the next race.

When I tucked Mason into bed that night, he asked me if I had fun. I told him I did. That I love to watch my kids as they are having fun. He looked confused and told me that he wouldn't enjoy just watching kids, but then he didn't have any so maybe he would like it one day.
I truly love to sit back and watch my kids in life. Their smiles, their laughs, and how they react to the world around them. I love them all soo much!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Day

I spent the morning at the high school for field day with Karlee. We all had fun, a little wind blown but fun.

She just threw her water balloon.

This relay was very cute. They run down to a bucket with their pail to fill up with water. Then they had to run back to the start and empty their pail into another bucket. They were all surprised that the pail had holes in it. They lost most of the water on their way back. They all got wet, which they wanted. Karlee looked like she wet her pants. hee hee

In her class, Karlee was the top third or fourth in the hula hoop. I had no idea she was that good. Her best friend won.

Mason's field day is on Monday. Our fingers are crossed for no rain.

Awards ceremony.

Bailee had her awards ceremony last night. It was a good night. I sat by a friend I hadn't visited with in a while, we were able to catch up before they started. Bailee received two awards. Outstanding achievement in science and citizenship. She has had a good year. She is ready for school to be out, but nervous to be going go high school. I'm nervous too.

These boys were getting bored as they were calling the students names. DS saved the day. There is a time and place for computer games, keeping busy boys quite is the perfect time.

These other four friends go to church with us. As I asked DK to get in the shot with these girls, he gave me a hard time because it was a "mormon" picture. That's OK, they need to stick together. Especially when they go to high school.
Only four more years to go!!
Wa hoo!!

Sewing agian.

Can you believe it? I'm not sure I can. I finished this skirt Wednesday. It has a zipper, the first one I've sewn, it went pretty easy. I haven't decided what I will do next. I have a couple of "holiday" type items I could do, I bought one on clearance. I guess it will be a surprise. I"ll keep you posted. ;o)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life is good!

We went swimming on Friday and I just had to post this picture. Karlee was being a nut. When she gets out of the pool she always wraps her hair up in a towel. She claims it's easier to comb out. Don't know about that. But she sure is silly.

I'm not sure where Brian is receiving his drive from lately, but he has finished more projects this spring than in a usual six months. I'm loving it! Saturday we stained our fence. Yes, it still looks weathered, but better. I posted a picture on May 2, take a look and compare. I think it's an improvement. Here you can see the path, flower bed and fence that has all been completed. After some maintenance around the house and yard, he plans on redoing the flower bed around the tree. Lots of changes in our yard. I'm loving it!!

I had to show off my back yard beds yet again. Perennials are the only way to go.