Wednesday, May 29, 2013

boys field day

Field day was very different this year.  Usually a group of kids, usually the class, would move around from station to station. Stay at every station for 10 minutes or so.  At the end it would be the tug of war. 
This year three grades at a time, in matching t-shirts, ran wild!! It was a free for all!  I'm not sure I liked it.  The boys did have fun though. 

color run


These 3 did a 5K color run a few weeks ago.  I had considered until I found out it would cost $45.  I had just signed up for a 5K for $15.  I couldn't justify the cost.l
They had a blast!  Color was everywhere!
I'm running a 5K on Saturday with Karlee and hopefully McKinzie (if she ever signs up).  Bailee and the boys are going to do the 1 mile fun run.

I'm excited that my family is starting to join me.  I still love it! 



  •  Karlee has 4 AP classes.  I'm surprised the homework that she is still getting.  This one was cool.  It's a coat of arms.
~ red ~ warrior (I fight for who I am)
~ blue ~ truth (I always try to be honest)
~ white with black spots ~ justice and dignity (I have dignity and work to make things fair)
~ snowflake ~ I am the third daughter
~ theatre masks ~ I am animated and dramatic at times (I also love the theatre)
~ swan ~ music (I can't live with out my music)
~ eagle ~ freedom and strength (I am the strong one for most of my friends and I've always wanted to spread my metaphorical wings and be free)

~ nest/eggs ~ family (I always come back to my family and I don't know where I'd be without them)

She also had a Romeo and Juliet project.  She made a crossword puzzle, a children's book with illustrations, a board game (she used Candy Land). Plus she made two Italian recipes that had to have some history to them.  So after school the boys would swim and Karlee would work on more homework. :( 

 The Young Woman had a fundraiser washing windows.  I didn't sign up so I told Karlee I would pay her to clean a few of my windows.  She couldn't reach from the ladder so she climbed/fell into the shrubs.  She did a great job but her legs had lots of scratches from the shrubs,


Awards, awards, awards!  That's what May is all about. And field trips.  ;)  Karlee was nominated for Freshman class favorite.  Which means she got a new dress, and jacket, and shoes.  She was very excited!  She didn't think she would win but was very pleased she was in the top 5.  She looked beautiful as always! 

Mason's bday

Life has been busy and I've been slacking.  Mason's birthday came and went and I haven't posted a thing!  That's so wrong!  I have many things to share but Mason is first. 
He decided to have a few friends over after school then stay the night.  A few friends always work best for him.  These boys were great.  After school we swam and ate pizza. The water was cold and it was overcast.  I did not get in.  It was Adams first time this season and he loved it.



Mason invited Nathan, Colby, and Colton.  After swimming we went to see a movie "Epic".  It was very cute. 
We had enough coupons to get all the boys their own popcorn and soda.  It saved us a fortune!!

 I think he had a great day!!  On Friday's I have Harley and Adam.  They came with me to have lunch at school with Mason.  Adam thought it was soo cool. 
11 things about the birthday boy:
  • he loves little children
  • he loves computer games
  • he enjoys reading
  • he likes to be right
  • he has the best smile
  • he loves milk
  • very photogenic
  • doesn't like to talk to many people
  • very excited to be in middle school
  • hardheaded
  • has a great laugh
I love you Mason!! Keep up the good work.  You are amazing!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

It's been another great Mother's Day!  I wasn't looking forward to it at all.  I've been thinking of Mom a lot lately.  It still hurts. 

Today was nice.  Brian gave me some roses last night, which was a surprise.  Then this morning Brian cancelled meetings before church and made breakfast burritos.  Bailee and Karlee gave me some tie dye roses.  They were originally white and they colored them.  They looked cool.  Carson gave me a tile coaster with his picture on it and many papers that he wrote about me.   I love my family very much.  I hope they know.  I try to tell them often.  I'm very proud of the people they are becoming.  They are not only my kids but also my friends.  I truly enjoy spending time with them. Thanks for a great day! 

another camping adventure

When Brian went to get our camp site number we saw 5 deer. The boys loved it.

They loved the whole adventure.  They climbed all over and under rocks.  Carson caught a lizard by it's tail.  I kept waiting for the tail to break off but it never did. 
 Our air mattress had a hole in the seam so it deflated in less than 15 minutes.  So we tried to sleep on the hard ground.  It was probably the longest night of our lives.  Brian told me he was grateful when 6 am arrived so the night would be over and he could get up.  LOL

Our breakfast was exciting too.  While Brian was cooking the bacon the grease caught on fire.  It was a little intense.  We started over and our breakfast turned out delicious.  It looked odd but we ate it all.

Unfortunately the girls weren't able to come with us.  Bailee had to work Friday night.  Karlee had a Thespian banquet on Friday, then Saturday she had an AP help class.  Then she had rehearsal for a Hairspray act.  Their musical was  nominated for 11 awards and they are performing at the awards banquet.  Of course they are all very excited. 

Bailee hasn't been able to go camping with us yet.  Maybe next the fall.


Friday this girl took her practical test.  I was her model for the manicure and facial.  She was so very nervous.  I was limited on what I could say to here.  As I left all I dared to say was to take a couple of deep breaths and relax.  I watched her take a couple of breaths and she smiled.  When I went back to pick her up 2 hours later she came out with her results. 

She passed!!  Once she sends in her application and fee she'll have her licence.  She's worked very hard for this.  I'm very proud of her.  Way to go Bailee!! You rock! 

family fun

Last Saturday, not yesterday, was probably the busiest days we've had as a family.  We were out the door at 8:30 for Carson's game.  Brian left before that for a Bishops training meeting with Elder Cook from the Quorum of the Twelve.  Brian thoroughly enjoyed the training.

 Carson had two games, his last games of the season.  He wanted to score a goal so bad.  He came close a number of times but it never happened.  Maybe next season.  I'm sure he'll be playing soccer again.
Between the games I went to our cub scout hike at Eagle Mountain Park.  It was a beautiful day. The boys all did a great job.  We hiked 3 miles and the boys gathered trash.  We didn't find much which is always nice. 

After the game we all cleaned up and headed to Dallas for one our favorite musicals.  We took the family when we were in Chicago, 5 years ago.  The three littles didn't remember much about the play, only the soundtrack that we played over and over.

It was so fun to watch their reaction as they remembered the songs then putting it together with the story.  It was a very long day.  We didn't get in bed till 11:30.  Super fun and exhausting day. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rome ~ Basilica of St. John Lateran

I took this picture from the bus. We didn't go inside.  If that McDonalds sign wasn't there it would have turned out great.

The statues are of Jesus and his apostles.   

fun day

She's rolling and reaching and she'll grin for almost anyone.

Grandkids are the best!