Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Buddha

There is a tram that takes you up to Big Buddha, it was shut down for the day.  So we took a city bus.  We were able to see some beautiful scenery on  the way up. 

When we first got off the bus we weren't sure which way to go.  Then we turned around.  So cool!
Brian and I had to laugh when we saw this sign.  We're on our way to the Great Wall, we've seen the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben.  I guess our next vacation is to Africa - Cape of Good Hope.  ;)

These are some shops on the was up to Buddha.

There are 268 steps up to the 112 foot tall bronze Buddha.
His right hand is raised, representing removal of affliction.  The Buddha's left hand rest on his lap in a gesture of giving. 

Buddha is surrounded by six smaller bronze statutes that are posed with an offering.
The view was amazing...

There were large pots everywhere for incense.  Yes, those large sticks are incense too.

As we were walking through the little village we found a place selling kebabs.  We bought one to share.  We should of bought two.  YUM!!

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