Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mom and Dad - 51 years!!

Saturday was my parents anniversary, 51 years!! Last year for their 50th the kids gave them an open house. At first my Mom didn't want anything to do with the idea. Over time she decided it would be OK. When the day arrived I think she had a lot of fun. My Dad will go along with ever she wants, most of the time.

These two are inseparable. If my Dad needed to go into town for a part he would invite Mom to go, even if that meant all of the kids rode along. When my Mom would go shopping she would invite Dad, even though he would usually end up sitting on a bench in the mall waiting. They rarely go any where without the other. They have the most amazing relationship.

I almost wore this dress when I was married. Being off white, I didn't feel that would work with Brian's tux. We had planned on his tux being white. Now I regret not making it work. It's a beautiful dress and I've become quite sentimental lately.

I was in charge of the cake, so I asked my MIL to make it for the open house. Every wedding cake that I've seen her make have been amazing. What a talent!?!
Mom and Dad, I hope you have many, many, more anniversary's together. I love you both!! You have always been a great example to me. Thank you!

Little brother

My brother, Richard, was in Dallas all last week for meetings. He stayed an extra day to visit us. So on Friday we hung out together and did a little sight seeing, that is what he hadn't already done during the week. We went down to Arlington to check out the new stadium. Man that was impressive! Now I want to go inside. One day I'm sure we'll do a tour, maybe even a game. We then went to the Stockyards. I'm ashamed to say I've never been there. It was kind of cool. We walked around while he found just the right gift for his kids and his wife. Carson had fun hanging out with him, Richard is always lots of fun.

After dinner the kids wanted to get in the pool. It really wasn't that warm. They convinced Richard to get in, which really wasn't that hard. They played and played until it was too cold. They all got out shivering. I must be the only smart one. I never got in!! They were all disappointed that he could only stay a day. We all had a great time. Thanks Rich for hanging out with us.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crazy week!

I still don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to a dog, let alone a puppy. This little guy sure has made an already busy week absolutely crazy.

This past week has been "Teacher Appreciation Week" at our school. Since I'm the room parent for Karlee's class, I was in charge of "appreciating" our teacher. Then with church duties, a trip to the temple, not complaining about that one, and family. I'm ready for the week to be over. It's only Thursday!!

This gives you an idea on how much "fun" Peanut is. We forgot and left the bag out over night. When he went out in the morning, he had a great time. Luckily the grass clippings weren't all over the yard. I don't think it was too difficult to clean up. Thanks Bri.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What have we done?

Our kids have always wanted a dog, like all kids. Our excuse was that our cat Ziggy would not tolerate a dog, He barely tolerates other cats. Well, he died in February. Shortly after that they started asking. Bailee has asked almost every day. This last month or so I have been checking out SPCA online and watching and pondering. Do we really want a dog? Do I really want to take care of a dog? Of course that last question was always, NO!

Today, as I was making my bed by myself, somehow every person in our house was in my room talking about a dog. So Brian and I said OK! Can you believe it? I still can't. Off we went to choose a dog. What a heart breaking experience. There were so many of them. Brian, who is not a dog lover, wanted to take them all home. It was tough to hear then barking and watching them get so excited to see us. They wanted out to play. We finally made a decision, a puppy! His name is Peanut. He is 3 months old with lots of energy, of course. We have had "luck" today with no accidents. I know it's luck because we don't know what we are doing. Any suggestions out there? We will take any and all "free" advice. We want this to be a positive experience. Help!!

Tonight he has become my buddy. He keeps following me around like I'm going somewhere exciting. He has even curled up in my lap. Fun, fun. I hope it stays that way.

Talent Show

Friday night the girls performed a piano duet, "The Beauty and the Beast", at Karlee's school Talent Show. They both did a great job. I truly enjoyed listening to them practice at home. It was surprising at times that they could sit next to each other, at the piano, and be civil. Now I have proof that they can get along if they want to, at least for 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

We were only able to stay for Act 1, but I was impressed at the courage of these young kids. Most of them had a true talent that they wanted to share, there were a few that their mom's should of told them to think of something else. There was a kindergartner that played the violin. It was so quiet in the auditorium that you could of heard a pin drop. There was another, maybe first grader, that sang "Amazing Grace" acappella. We were all extremely impressed.

All of the performers received an "Oscar", trophy, that night. Since this is her last year in elementary school, we are going to have to find another way for these girls to perform in public.

Way to go Bailee and Karlee!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Since school was out on Friday, I decided to take the kids to the zoo. Carson had been asking to go. The last time we went was last year for a field trip with Mason's class. I'm sure he doesn't remember.

This top picture was what I saw most of the day. The back of the kids as we watched the animals.

This is Karlee's friend Kat. When Karlee found out that she would be changing schools when she started 5th grade she was in tears. Her best friend was staying at her old school. She now has made a new best friend. This past week she was telling me how glad she was that she is at her new school. If she hadn't changed she never would of met Kat. Now on a sad note. Next year, due to boundary changes again, they both will be in different middle schools. I guess Karlee will have friends everywhere. That's not such a bad thing.

Usually when we feed the birds, you are almost attacked. Not this time. Karlee looks quite bored. We waited a long time to feed these birds.

Mason is concentrating so he doesn't spook the bird.

In the Texas area, there were many phones for the kids with stories. Carson loved them. That had become one of his favorites. When we first got to the zoo, Carson wanted to pet the animals. Mostly the zebras. When we were checking out the reptiles and they moved, he didn't want anything to do with them. He always asked if they were real. Sometimes that was good. Sometimes not so good.

Only Karlee and I touched the stingray. Everyone else was too chicken.

I think all the kids had a great time. I know I enjoyed spending the day with them. It was a beautiful day and not too crowded either.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We finished the Book of Mormon today!! It was close. Bailee hasn't read much at school, because of the comments from other students. But she read today at school and past me. She finished around 4pm and I finished about 30 or 40 minutes later. I would like to blame it on kids not leaving me alone. But that's not true. Bailee is actually a very fast reader. It surprised all of us. Brian was able to finish tonight. He wanted to push through it and finish days ago, but he wanted to keep it competitive for the rest of us. Thanks Bri! Karlee lost steam, she is in Alma 30. Her new goal is to have it finished the first time before Brian finishes it the second time. She got a twinkle in her eye again. I know she can do it!

Finishing it in a couple of weeks is very cool. But the best part was reading it as a family and praying together to know of it's truthfulness, as a family. I received a confirmation, once again, that the Book of Mormon is true! We all did!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BOM update

Shh!! don't tell anyone. I'm ahead. I'm in Mormon chapter 1. Brian is in Helaman 22, Bailee I think around 5. Then Karlee, I think she has lost her steam. She is in Alma, I think 13. Both Bailee and Karlee have TAKS tests today, so they have lots of time to read, if they choose to read. I hope Karlee will push through and get her excitement back. Even if she doesn't finish with us, reading the entire Book of Mormon at 10 years old is still amazing!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Night Friends

Mason had his friend E over to spend the night, then Bailee ended up babysitting more friends. They were really hot after playing Wii and this is how they decided to cool off. Bailee was on top of it and had them go outside first. Quick thinking on her part.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Field Trip

Today the First Grade class had a field trip to the Omni Theatre. I have been many times with my kids and I have loved every bit of it. Today we saw "The Deep Sea". Very cool! There are soo many plants and animals at the bottom of the sea that we never hear about. There was a California ____ Shrimp, I don't remember the whole name, that is about 11 inches long that stood up to an octopus and won! It was exciting to watch and learn how the fish help each other survive and help the environment to grow. There are soo many interesting things in this world to learn about. Another thing that really stood out to me is that scientists wonder how the Coral Reef in the Gulf of Mexico, eight days after the full moon in August spawn. They don't have brains or eyes to observe their environment, yet they all send out eggs in hope of life. I don't wonder. It's Gods hand. What an amazing world we live in, all because of our Heavenly Father!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rock Path

Most Springs, Brian starts a new project in the yard. This year he is making a rock path to go around to our backyard. We've talked about it for a few years now. We couldn't decide if we should just buy a few stones at a time or estimate what we would need and fork out the money at once. So, he came home the other day with all of this. When he first brought it home I thought there was no way we were going to use all that stone. Well, now I'm not sure if it will be enough.

I am really liking the way it is turning out. He had to make a little step next to our deck, which I think turned out perfect. Brian is quite pleased with it as well. He will work on it for a couple of hours in the evenings when he has the time. It is moving along much quicker than I thought is would. Brian is enjoying it so much that he is dreaming about it. When it is finished and the grass is back t normal I'll post another picture.

BOM update

I'm leading the pack! As of last night I was ahead, only one chapter but still ahead. I'm on Alma 33, Bailee is on 32. I think Brian is on 25 or 28. Karlee is on chapter 5, but she takes her BOM to school and reads during recess. She will catch up in no time. I'm more concerned if I can stay with them. Last night I was reading and telling Brian all the thinks I needed to do instead. He said for only another week then I can catch up on my "to do".