Wednesday, August 3, 2011

HK ~ Ocean Park

On our last day in Hong Kong Brian and I went to Ocean Park.  Kind of like Sea World without the whales but adding pandas.  Does that make since?  ;)

The aquarium was amazing.  The sting rays were huge.
This is a giant spider crab.

The panda was asleep.  I watched him to make sure he was breathing.
This is how Ocean Park stops the birds from begging.  The fruit is nailed onto that log.  Kinda cool.

The park was on the side of an island.  We had to take a tram to get to the rest of the park.  The view of course was beautiful.

They really did serve it like this.  It makes it easy when you only have to hold it with one hand. 
One of the biggest differences from this amusement park and one in the states, is they don't have food vendors everywhere.  They have an area where food is sold, but vendors aren't along all the walkways.  So the park is very clean and we didn't feel the need to snack as much. 

I went and found a seat while Brian got us a drink.  He said it was easy to pick me out in this crowd.  :)
Near the end of the day we went to the dolphin and sea lion show.  Is was great.  But it was kind of hard understanding what was going on.  Part of the show was in Chinese.  Surprise, surprise.

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