Sunday, November 29, 2009


On the 21st of this month, Brian and I attended a Bishops and wives conference. This is the second one we have attended. We receive counsel, are spiritually fed, and enjoy a meal together. This year was my favorite! This year we were sung to! It was soo sweet. I snagged these pictures from Joy. I was so glad she had her camera. I usually have mine, but she ALWAYS has hers :o). Thanks Joy!! When I saw that our hubby's were standing next to each other I was hopeful for a picture. I've been watching her blog, waiting. All these men did a great job, they were so nervous. You would of thought they were teenagers again.
Near the end of the song Brian came over and knelt down, handing me chocolates and a rose. He is such a sweet man! I love you Brian!!

Black Friday

With us going to the cabin for Thanksgiving, I wasn't able to participate in the shopping early Friday morning :0(. I enjoy being at a store at 5 AM with all the other dedicated people, notice I said dedicated not insane. I have been out, I think every year, on Black Friday since before Karlee was born. It started with my family when we would go home for Thanksgiving. On Thursday, before and after our big dinner, my mom, sisters and myself would scan the ads trying to decide what we needed most, which store had to be first, and what would be a bonus if it was still there when we finally made it to that store.

On Friday I made sure to tell my kids that if Christmas morning is just so so, it is because of our great Thanksgiving vacation! I told them I made a sacrifice....I chose to not go shopping to spend time with family. Everybody now... aaaaawww.

The sacrifices one has to make by being a parent.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, I stayed back at the cabin with Adam while everyone went riding. I was going to prepare a late lunch with turkey and all the fixings. I gave Adam a bath and bottle, then we just relaxed together. I put him in his bouncer to start rolls. Not just any rolls mind you, but Swedish Butter Horn. A recipe, from my MIL, that we now have every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I went to get the yeast from the fridge, and the jar is empty, except for a few granules. I then remembered that I bought a new bottle and it is sitting in my pantry at home :0( ...panic sets in. I grab Kinzie's car keys, put Adam in his car seat and we run to the grocery store. It is now a little after 12 and the store closes at 1. I am lucky!! I hurry back and start rolls. When everyone arrives back home, thinking we are eating in 30 minutes, I am still putting rolls on the pan. Luckily, no big deal. The turkey can sit a little longer before Brian carves it. Everything else can wait before we start. The dinner turned out great. The turkey was still juicy and steaming as Brian carved it.

Since we all didn't fit at the table with all the food, and the boys like to sit on their knees, I was hoping they would love this idea and they did. They got their very own special table.

While waiting for dinner the cards were pulled out.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!
Down time consisted of playing cards,
Peanut finding out that he likes pine cones,
relaxing in bed with a good book or DS,

enjoying the fire
by all,
playing outside with sticks,

and more DS.
We didn't have wireless, which was a little sad. Our cell phones only had service depending on where we were standing, sad again. But also, WONDERFUL...we couldn't be contacted by the outside world! Brian often threatens that someday we will move to a cabin in the mountains. If it is a cabin like this, I'm ready to move. We all had such a great time!
On Wednesday, we went riding in the morning had lunch then rode some more. We went back to the cabin to check on dinner, in the crock pot, then went out to ride until dinner. We rode until Carson couldn't ride anymore. He had fallen asleep on the way back to the car. His head would bounce around and his helmet kept turning my lights off. He was out cold!

We rode as long and as hard as a 4 year old could handle...maybe even a little longer than that. :0) oops!

No ATVs???

How sad, no ATVs!!! Luckily, we didn't see too many of these signs. We had plenty of trails to ride. The entire national forest was our playground.

Taking a break and having lunch.

Friday morning Carson, Adam and myself stayed back at the trailer while everyone else went riding. It was nice to relax and enjoy such a beautiful day.

night life

Our nights consisted of smores,

(Brian's marshmallow caught fire and went flying off his stick. Peanut was able to enjoy marshmallows too.)

hot tubs,

and playing fetch. Very relaxing!

We are back!!

We spent Thanksgiving at our newest, favorite place...Oklahoma! We first went there for Spring Break to ride ATVs. We all had so much fun that we had to go again. I'm sure it will be a regular vacation spot for us. We stayed in a different cabin this time, Cactus Inn. This cabin seemed to have more room. It was great!

We had a king size bed, queen bed, and a pull out sofa. Two nights Karlee slept in a chair with an ottoman. We might need a cabin with more beds next time.

Peanut did great! I know I'm not known to praise him, but it's true. He did fine in the car, although he kept wanting to sit on Bailee's lap. He's just too big for that.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Her comes Santa Claus...

I feel like I am checking things off my list. This is one thing that I have been known to do just days before Christmas. We have taken a picture with Santa every year since McKinzie was 1, although this is the first year that Santa stood for the picture. (LOL, I guess these big kids scared him!) She is now 18 and still willing to tell Santa what she wants, she asked for a full night sleep. HA, like that's going to happen anytime soon :0). Bailee asked for a cell phone cover, that's an easy one. Karlee wants a dwarf hamster. I'm so tired of pets. Maybe I need to tell Santa that I want Peanut to have a new home...any takers? Mason asked for a Star Wars Lego DS game. Carson wants a Diego backpack and video watch.

I love going to see Santa just to hear want my kids ask for. Carson has been the only consistent one with what he wants. Now we have to wait and see. I'm almost ready, besides the wrapping part. I love the holiday season! Everything about the season, even the crowds at the mall.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Lone Star State

I mentioned sometime ago that I would let you see the final item I got for my Texas room. Brian purchased it for me for my last birthday. These stars were the first thing to go up in the room.
Over the summer I found these frames.
Last Christmas Brian gave me this flag, which I absolutely love!!
Now the final touch. The state of Texas. I would think with the flag up everybody would know which state I I have no doubt! Thanks Bri!
Because I have shouted it from the rooftops, that I love Texas, a friend was making these notebooks for a conference I attended on Saturday. She made me a special one! Thanks Joy and Goodlife. I love it!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


With Brian losing weight, I have found another bonus...more space in our closet! A company called looking for donations. This is what they got: two suits in great shape, two sport coats, a dozen slacks, about two dozen polo's, a dozen or so dress shirts and the list goes on and on. I think he has lost 90 pounds so far. Keep up the great work!