Saturday, July 31, 2010

eventful drive

In 8 days we traveled 4,338 miles. The elevation of 11,324 feet over Monarch Pass in Colorado all the way down to the Oregon coast. The kids all traveled great. Watched many movies (Percy Jackson 6 times on the way home). Played DS, had sword fights, read books, slept and laughed.

On our second day driving home Karlee had passed out chocolate bars to everyone about mid morning. A few hours later Bailee starts freaking out that Mason had something all over his legs and the seat. It was the chocolate bar!! He was playing his DS and forgot about the chocolate bar and it had slid under him and melted. I have never been soo grateful to have leather seats. It wasn't hard to clean up, just a little time consuming. New DS when your eating chocolate! We all had a great time in Oregon. We all are glad to be home. Shortly after we unloaded the car we went for a swim in our big tub in our back yard...yes, it felt that warm. No one really cared. It was great to be swimming and enjoying the hot sun. Oregon was cold.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more flags. more fun.

This picture really says it all. Happy, tired, HOT. It was a great day!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Can you believe by baby girl is 19 today? Time is flying by soo fast. Bailee found these glasses in a gas station on our way home today. Perfect for the occasion.

19 things about McKinzie:

  1. loves pancakes

  2. loves batman

  3. loves to laugh

  4. doesn't like to cry in front of anyone

  5. dances to her own music (sometimes without music)

  6. great sense of humor

  7. an awesome big sister

  8. has her own style (mismatched socks, on purpose)

  9. is the best bestfriend anyone could ever have

  10. learning how to stretch money

  11. loves having her own place

  12. not afraid to speak her mind

  13. loves her job
  14. enjoys hanging out with her family
  15. loves her car
  16. she's beautiful
  17. generous
  18. loves to ride ATV's
  19. she's a GREAT mom!

Happy birthday Kinzie!! We love you!! We are very proud of the person you are and the great mom you are for Adam.

(The boys thought this cake was pretty cool. I'm sure I'll be making it again for them.)


Brian and I stayed at a hotel last night in San Antonio. Bailee needed to be picked up at 7 AM from EFY, too early to drive down this morning.

When we went in our room I noticed a gift bag, with champagne and glasses, and a plate of cookies. Brian started to read the card and I joked that it said, " You are such a great guest. Thanks for staying with us and come again." Brian laughed as he finished reading the card and said they must of thought it was our anniversary. The card read, "Thanks for choosing us for your special occasion." I didn't understand, special occasion? Then Brian said the flowers were for me and handed me the card. He had flowers delivered to our room, for me!! These past couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster. He is such a sweet man.

Aren't they beautiful!?! I never had such a cool arrangement. I love the look of the stems in the bowl/vase.
The weekend has been nice. We picked up Bailee and had breakfast at IHOP. Then she talked and talked trying to share every experience. It's good to have her with us again.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cool Pool!!

One of the perks of McKinzie working at a HOA management company, is this community pool. One of the perks of her being our daughter is we get to go!!

When we lived in Boise, we went to a city water park very similar to this. We all loved it, we swam 5 or 6 days a week. But this water park didn't cost us a fee, nor was it as crowded. Yay!!

Thanks Kinz for having such a great job! We all loved the pool!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yesterday Bailee and I drove to San Antonio for her to attend Especially For Youth, a program for 14-18 year olds sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
She was very nervous. She knew a few people that were attending, but she didn't have a friend rooming with her.
As I dropped her off after lunch, and met a few of the girls, we all had a big surprise.
One of the girls in her suite, she didn't know that she already knew her! When we lived in Grand Junction there was a family in our ward that also had kids the same ages as our girls. I went to high school with the dad. Anyway, they live in Paris, Texas now and their daughter Shantelle is one of the girls that is in Bailee's suite!! It was a wonderful surprise.
I know Bailee is having a great time. It will be fun and spiritual, and she will be sad when she has to come home on Saturday. But we will be happy to have her back.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

our scientist

Karlee loved C4K. She learned some fun things in her chemistry class that she had to try at home. Here she has dry ice in a bowl of water. She then puts a seal of soap across the top of the bowl so a bubble will form. She then is able to pick up the bubble with soapy hands. Mason also thought this was very cool.

She also took a space shuttle class. At first she wasn't very excited about the class. On day two, the class was able to have a tour of some old airplanes. Which was very exciting. (She talked not stop about every detail on the drive home.) There were a few days that the weather was raining so she wasn't able to set off her rocket at school, but she was able to bring home. On a sunny Saturday she set it up. None of us were sure what would happen.
WOW!! That rocket flew fast and high. All of us were shocked. What a rush!! We may have to encourage her with all this science.

I don't know how expensive rockets are for a hobby...we may have to seriously check it out.

Way to go Karlee!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Did he really say that?

Last night, on our way home from watching fireworks, Mason asked the strangest question.

Carson? Did you just pick your nose and wipe your finger on my leg?

He didn't ask if Carson touched him. He didn't ask what Carson wiped on him. He asked if he picked his nose!!

Everyone in the truck busted up laughing.

Mason was totally serious. It makes me wonder if Carson had done something like that before. Boys!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 months

Three months ago today my Mom passed away. I called and talked to my Dad last night and he sounded good. He tries to keep busy, but I know he's lonely. When people ask how my Dad is doing, or when I talk to him I do OK. When someone asks me about my Mom I get all choked up. If I don't change the subject the tears start to flow. I miss her...
My Mom loved needlework. She often would order a pattern and all the yarn at once. When she decided to start something new she would have everything she needed.
With all her kids, and in-laws, Brian is the only one that crochets. I was touched when my Dad suggested that we take home her most recent order, it was still sitting in the box.
This pattern was probably the most challenging one for Brian so far. He had to start over 3 or 4 times. (He often starts over at least twice.) Brian finished this on the 30th of June. Since he worked on it most evenings he has become a little bored. I guess I need to buy more yarn. We both love how this afghan turned out. He just might have to make more like this for Christmas gifts. I get to put my name on it too because I get to choose the colors...he's a little challenged in that department. ;0)
I think my Mom would be pleased at how well it turned out. Thanks for stepping up to the challenge Brian. I know you are extremely busy, yet you took time to make this. It's beautiful!! I love you!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

boys turn

With Karlee having C4K for three weeks, I've been wanting to do something fun just for the boys while she was gone. Today is Karlee's last day and yesterday was the first chance I had that was just for the boys. We went to Colleyville and went to this very cool jump place, "Jump For Fun".

I knew who owned it and hoped their DIL Veronica would be there. We walked in the door and there she was! What a great surprise. When I went to pay her husband helped us and told me we got a discount because we know Veronica. Another surprise!! She is an amazing woman and now we get a discount just because of our relationship. Yea!!

They even had an area for toddlers, they have to be under 38". Carson was disappointed he couldn't play there too.

They must of had fun. They both asked this morning if we could go back. :0)