Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas day


Sunday morning the boys woke up at 2 AM. They woke up Karlee and they watched a movie on the portable DVD player. I'm so glad they planned ahead and took the DVD player to bed with them. ;)  We finally woke up at 6:40.

Both the girls got an iPod Touch.  Now we can play Words with Friends with the girls too.  :)
Adam got a mini lightsaber in his stocking. Carson quickly pulled out his lightsaber and challenged him to a duel. 
Brian said this gift official makes him old.  Sorry Bri, you're a grandpa, you are already old.

Brian hands out the gifts to everyone, in the middle of opening presents Adam asks Poppy to read him a book.  Of course he said yes.

Does a mess give proof that it was a great morning?  :)  After opening presents we had a hot breakfast and then we went to church.  Leaving a huge mess behind. 
I love watching these boys put legos together.  Carson put his together without much help.

My MIL gave this to me.  She's right!!

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