Saturday, December 17, 2011


The boys had their holiday parties on Friday.  I'm Mason's room mom, so I did the organizing and few other moms were there to help.  It was very simple.  We had food,

 a gift exchange (which was a gently used book),

 then a couple rounds of musical chairs.  Mason made it to one of the last three.  Very exciting!

 Carson's class did a couple crafts and also had a book exchange.

Tonight we are going to our Ward Christmas Party.  I'm looking forward to the program.  McKinzie and Geoff are supposed to sing together.  This will be good.  ;)

Brian and I went out this afternoon and picked up the last two gifts we needed.  Christmas cards have been mailed.  Parties are about finished.  All we need is our annual picture in front of the Christmas tree and our FHE downtown (that's planned for Monday).  I'm thinking we're ready!!

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