Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 3 ~ Beijing ~ Hutong

The last touristy thing we did was ride a bicycle rickshaw through Hutong, a traditional old neighborhood.

This family allows tours to come through their home for extra income.  It was very interesting.

They set up a couple of rooms for people to stay here during the Olympics.
They set this one up for a newlywed couple that asked if they could be married here.
This is the courtyard.  Most homes are set up like this.  A home/room on each side.  The parents stay in the best room, then the son, or married couple, gets the next best room.  The daughter would stay in the least desirable room. 

A lot of these neighborhoods have been torn down for apartment living.  The government has stopped that from happening to this neighborhood.   It can not be torn down, or sold.  It's passed down from generation to generation.  Unfortunately not many young people want to live here.  Most homes do not have their own toilets.  They have public ones for the families to use.  This home did have toilets put in for the Olympics, knowing Westerners need more than a public restroom. ;)

Public toilets.

The neighborhood has this beautiful lake and lots of bars/restaurants.  The put comfy couches out on the sidewalk for the evening/night crowd.

I thought this was strange.  A playground near a very busy road.  All cement.

Lisa, our guide, was amazing.   She made sure we had cold sodas with our meals.  Once she found our we didn't drink alcohol or tea she would tell the servers and they wouldn't even ask.  She walked us all the way through the airport as far as she could go.  The entire experience was great.

If I didn't have these pictures I wouldn't believe we went.  It seems so long ago.  WE loved the whole experience.  I'm so glad I'm now finished posting about our trip.  Whew!!

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Jay said...

I've loved reading about your trip. What memories! You'll look back at your pictures and feel the same feelings you had when you were there even 20 years from now.