Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jingle Bell run

This morning was the 5k.   It was about 55 degrees and misty.  Warmer than I planned.  I found some friends at the starting point.  It was mine and K's, the boy, first 5K.  We were itching to start. 

 The kids entertained themselves pretty well. :)

I'm still surprised that I actually ran a race.  And YES!!  I ran the whole way.  That was my goal.  The timer said 33 minutes.  Not bad.  I think I'll do this again.  Let me change that.  I'm sure I'll run another race. 

I found some stats on the race.  There were 3,101 participants.  Of which 2,085 were women.  In my age group there were 47 and I came in 14th.  My time was 33:03.9.  My overall place is 315.  I'm very pleased with the results.   

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