Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dad's funeral

I didn't edit these pictures until Friday.  It was still tough to go through them.  I have been so busy with the wedding and starting Christmas shopping it's kept me from thinking too much.  It's been on purpose.  I don't want to think.  It hurts.

My sister, Waynette, and her family, plus my brother, Randall, and his family took Dad on a trip to Crater Lake and the Redwoods.  It was the first part of July when they went.  He love it!!  Randall had this picture blown up of him at Crater Lake.  By the first part of August Dad had lost all use and control of his legs.  It's a good thing they went when they did.  He quickly went down hill from there. 
In Dad's casket there was a little drawer so the grandkids could write a note to Grandpa and put it in for nobody to read.  Mason and Carson both wrote him a note.  Karlee might have to.

The headstone Dad had made after Mom died is beautiful.  I've only seen rough sketches of what it would look like.  Every detail is exactly them. 

Mason was able to be a pall bearer this time.  He thought it was very cool.  He also was surprised at how heavy the casket was.
Dad served 3 years in the Army then the National Guard, I think for another 5 years, early in his marriage.  I knew very little about it.  When I saw the flag draped over the casket it took my breathe away.

After a small ceremony that included a 12 gun salute.  Two men folded the flag and gave it to my nephew Brenton, that is a Marine.  When Brenton presented the flag to Todd, the oldest child, I think it brought tears to all our eyes. It was very cool.

Overall, it was a beautiful Fall day.

I thought it was very cool to see this recently returned missionary sitting with these impressionable boys.  Go Jake!!

I'm surprised how quick to tears I still am.  Most days I struggle to talk much about Dad. I was texting Brenda the other day and crying.  How sad is that?!  I miss them so much.  Right now I keep busy and try not to think.  When someone asks me how I'm doing I try and keep it general.  Nothing to personal.  Poor Brian... He doesn't know what to do.  I don't know either.   


nikko said...


I'm so sorry for your loss, Alison!

the MILKY way (Chrissy) said...

ditto what nikko said...hugs! You have a beautiful family!