Saturday, December 24, 2011


Thursday morning I wondered if I should take Mason in to the Dr. again.  His left gland started swelling on Tuesday, I talked to the Dr. she didn't seem worried.  The Dr. wanted him to continue with the meds.  Thursday morning he woke up with a rash on his face and neck.  I called a friend/medical student to get some advice.  He told me that it sounds minor and just ride it out, unless his hives start to blister. 

Friday morning his rash had worsened and I stopped giving him the meds.  I finally got a hold of the Dr. and she told me to stop the meds and she would call in another antibiotic.  He scratched and scratched all day.  He agreed to take an oral Benadryl but he wouldn't even consider a cream.  So stubborn!

This morning he is doing so much better.  No itching and the spots are about gone.  He thinks it's kind of cool to be allergic to something.  :)  It's now in his records at the Dr. and I talked with the pharmacy so we never get this for him ever again.  

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