Sunday, December 4, 2011


Saturday morning, before we left Vegas, my uncle gave us a ride in his plane.  His often called mistress, Lola.  :)

These three flew first.  They came back smiling so it must of been good.
Being Texans that we are, we only had jackets.  It was surprisingly cold.

Karlee and Adam came out to watch us take off.

Bailee even flew for a bit. 
We headed for those snow covered mountains.
Being in a small airplane and close to these mountains the turbulence was too much.  Before we even took off, Uncle Kent told us that being sick isn't disgraceful.  Missing the baggie is.  :)

I didn't get that sick, but I was holding onto a baggie just in case.  I now will admit I get motion sick.  Getting older (not old!) is so lame!!

The view from the plane was amazing.  Such a great experience for everyone.

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the MILKY way (Chrissy) said...

FUN! My grandfather had a little airplane that he'd take us kids up in. Fun times!