Sunday, December 18, 2011

CA with family

Sunday after the reception we were able to hang out with family in San Diego.  Brian's brother and wife live there and they took us to a cool beach.  Unfortunately is was a cold wet day. 

The kids didn't care how cold it was.  :)

Later that day we went to the Mormon Battalion Museum.  It was very interesting.  It really reached out to the kids.  They thought it was great.

We went to Jeff and Claudia's and these two boys played war for 2 hours straight. 

We caught up with everyone for a couple of hours on Monday, at another beach, before we headed home. 

All the boys had so much fun together.  I wish we could live closer to cousins.  It always takes a day to warm up to each other then their best friends and don't want to leave.  

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