Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

I know I'm slow.  Remember? It took me 6 months to post about our trip to China.  Anyway...  Luckily it's not taking me as long to catch up on Thanksgiving.  We went to Oklahoma for the week to relax, ride ATVs, and basically shut the world out.  It worked!!  We did all of it. 

Our cabin was great as usual.  This year the cabin had 3 queen beds with an upstairs.  The kids loved it.

Geoff gave Mason a knife so he could do some carving.  Any spare time Mason was working on a piece of wood.  Luckily he cut his thumb only once...a very small cut too.

One of the things we brought home after going through Dad's house was a BB gun.  We all had a chance to shoot.  It was fun.  Now we need to find a place somewhere close to home to shoot.  Our neighborhood won't work.  

On Thursday none of the big kids wanted to go riding.  So Brian and I took the two boys while the rest stayed back and worked on dinner.  They did a great job on the rolls.  Bailee made them last year.  This was McKinzie first time helping with the rolls.

These snowmen dishes were Mom's.  I was lucky enough to bring them home. 

After dinner we headed into town to find a hot spot to skype.  McDonalds was closed but we were hoping they would leave their wireless on and we lucked out. 

Mason didn't want to get in the hot tub so he was the official photographer.  He got a few really good pictures. 

We love going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.  We love the cabin, the mountains, the riding and relaxing.  This might have been our last year.  They have closed a lot of the off road trails.  We were surprised that we couldn't ride in many of the spots we rode in last year.  We don't think the hunters like us very much.  I guess I'll have to seriously check out Arkansas.  We're not too picky.  A half days drive with mountains and trees.  We're sure to find something.

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