Saturday, November 28, 2009

We are back!!

We spent Thanksgiving at our newest, favorite place...Oklahoma! We first went there for Spring Break to ride ATVs. We all had so much fun that we had to go again. I'm sure it will be a regular vacation spot for us. We stayed in a different cabin this time, Cactus Inn. This cabin seemed to have more room. It was great!

We had a king size bed, queen bed, and a pull out sofa. Two nights Karlee slept in a chair with an ottoman. We might need a cabin with more beds next time.

Peanut did great! I know I'm not known to praise him, but it's true. He did fine in the car, although he kept wanting to sit on Bailee's lap. He's just too big for that.

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Shon and Holly Shuldberg said...

Oh my word that looks like so much fun!!!!! What a perfect way to spend a holiday!! Your cabin looks amazing. We went four wheeling with some friends of ours a while ago and almost every time, Cam would fall asleep on me. Sounds like we need to find a place like that.