Sunday, November 29, 2009


On the 21st of this month, Brian and I attended a Bishops and wives conference. This is the second one we have attended. We receive counsel, are spiritually fed, and enjoy a meal together. This year was my favorite! This year we were sung to! It was soo sweet. I snagged these pictures from Joy. I was so glad she had her camera. I usually have mine, but she ALWAYS has hers :o). Thanks Joy!! When I saw that our hubby's were standing next to each other I was hopeful for a picture. I've been watching her blog, waiting. All these men did a great job, they were so nervous. You would of thought they were teenagers again.
Near the end of the song Brian came over and knelt down, handing me chocolates and a rose. He is such a sweet man! I love you Brian!!


Humphrey Family said...

I really miss seeing you and your husband every Sunday. You are both wonderful people and are shining examples to everyone around you.

Selita & Craig said...

What a fabulous picture that last one was, so sweet - and please pass on to Brian that he looks absolutely wonderful - I can only hope that my weight loss efforts go as well :) Good for him to get healthy and be around for you and those wonderful children - and of course, now - Adam :) - and ditto on the shining examples - I have always thought so. When so many people know you and never have anything bad to say about you - you must be doing something right :)

Anne said...

That is so sweet!