Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday

With us going to the cabin for Thanksgiving, I wasn't able to participate in the shopping early Friday morning :0(. I enjoy being at a store at 5 AM with all the other dedicated people, notice I said dedicated not insane. I have been out, I think every year, on Black Friday since before Karlee was born. It started with my family when we would go home for Thanksgiving. On Thursday, before and after our big dinner, my mom, sisters and myself would scan the ads trying to decide what we needed most, which store had to be first, and what would be a bonus if it was still there when we finally made it to that store.

On Friday I made sure to tell my kids that if Christmas morning is just so so, it is because of our great Thanksgiving vacation! I told them I made a sacrifice....I chose to not go shopping to spend time with family. Everybody now... aaaaawww.

The sacrifices one has to make by being a parent.

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