Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Lone Star State

I mentioned sometime ago that I would let you see the final item I got for my Texas room. Brian purchased it for me for my last birthday. These stars were the first thing to go up in the room.
Over the summer I found these frames.
Last Christmas Brian gave me this flag, which I absolutely love!!
Now the final touch. The state of Texas. I would think with the flag up everybody would know which state I I have no doubt! Thanks Bri!
Because I have shouted it from the rooftops, that I love Texas, a friend was making these notebooks for a conference I attended on Saturday. She made me a special one! Thanks Joy and Goodlife. I love it!!


Selita & Craig said...

Oh wow - thats is really awesome - I would like to see the whole room though rather than "pieces" LOL

Spudknit said...

That is really cool. You have inspired me. Now I am going to have to make an Idaho room to offset your Texas room. :) That is how much I love Idaho.

Shon and Holly Shuldberg said...

Which room is your Texas room? I love all of your things. How fun it is that you love Texas so much. You deserve to absolutely love a place that you live. You guys have lived many places and I am glad you found the one you love, even if we don't get to see you much. I love your blog and keeping in touch with you guys that was, even though I suck at the blog thing!!

I have a good life said...

It was all Joy! She did a great job and we both thought of you as she made it!