Monday, November 23, 2009

Her comes Santa Claus...

I feel like I am checking things off my list. This is one thing that I have been known to do just days before Christmas. We have taken a picture with Santa every year since McKinzie was 1, although this is the first year that Santa stood for the picture. (LOL, I guess these big kids scared him!) She is now 18 and still willing to tell Santa what she wants, she asked for a full night sleep. HA, like that's going to happen anytime soon :0). Bailee asked for a cell phone cover, that's an easy one. Karlee wants a dwarf hamster. I'm so tired of pets. Maybe I need to tell Santa that I want Peanut to have a new home...any takers? Mason asked for a Star Wars Lego DS game. Carson wants a Diego backpack and video watch.

I love going to see Santa just to hear want my kids ask for. Carson has been the only consistent one with what he wants. Now we have to wait and see. I'm almost ready, besides the wrapping part. I love the holiday season! Everything about the season, even the crowds at the mall.


Selita & Craig said...

Yes I remember the visits to Santa - but I quit going when Santa would make Travis cry and then I couldn't bear to put him through it :) hahaah your picture those is adorable....and just look at the little Adam - he is lost in that group :) OH and I'll pass on the crowds at the mall too :)

I have a good life said...

Wow! That is a great picture! They all look great. Hope you guys are having a great Thanksgiving.

We had so much for with Kenzie the other night. Hope she drove safely.