Friday, August 12, 2011

Travel to Xi'an China

When we left Hong Kong they were having a typhoon, level 5.  That sounds pretty scary to to us tourists, but all it was was a very bad storm, raining horizontal I need to add.  When we arrived in Xi'an we were met by our guide, Vincent, and had dinner in the airport.  All of us thought that was odd. 

One more strange thing.  At baggage claim they had dogs running (and sniffing) between all the bags as they came down the conveyor belt.  I wanted to take a picture but didn't dare.  There was a lot of security/policeman everywhere.  It was obvious we were in a different country (world).

 It was gloomy here too. 

 I really liked how we had to put our room key in this slot to have electricity.  It made it super easy to turn off the lights when we headed out.  ;)

 This bed felt like sleeping on a box spring.  Yes, that hard.  It's a good thing we were very busy, we were able to sleep well despite our bed.
Take a close look.  It's a glass wall into the shower/bathroom.  ;) ;)
I didn't think we reserved the honeymoon suite. :)

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