Sunday, August 28, 2011


I love shopping.  Almost everything about it.  I love new clothes.  (Who doesn't?)  I love coupons or a % off deal.  I love going through the clearance racks using a $10 off coupon and buying a great shirt for $2.  :)

When McKinzie was 4 we had fun shopping together.  She LOVED to shop.  She would look at each article of clothing as she would slide it down the rack.  When she found something she liked she would then hold it up to herself and take another look.  Very cute!

Then she became a teenager.  Shopping became a chore for both of us.  I don't think she liked the size she wore so she basically refused to get into it.  There were tears and meltdowns (for me) then we would give up.  Prom dress shopping was even worse, because I had this crazy idea about modesty.  I refused to buy anything too short.  I always made sure she left the house wearing something to cover her bare shoulders.  I'm not naive.  I'm confident that the jacket didn't stay on.  :/  But she left the house looking beautiful and modest. 

I was not looking forward to going shopping for a wedding dress.  In fact...I didn't really want to go.  Sad, I know.  Kinz told me she wasn't looking forward to it either.   Prom dress shopping gave us both nightmares.

Saturday we headed out the door with a little hesitation.  First we went and checked out tux rentals, I think I was trying to postpone the inevitable.  Finally we arrived at David's Bridal.  The whole experience was smooth.  First they reserved a dressing room and wrote her name on the mirror.  Gave us a catalog and asked her to dog ear the pages she liked.  She went into a dressing room while I sat comfortable in a cushioned chair. She came out.  WOW!!!  She looked beautiful! I got a little choked up.  She's all grown up.    She's no longer playing dress up. 

She tried on 4 dresses and each one looked great.  We didn't buy any of theirs.  She has her eye on a dress online.  The whole purpose was to find out her dress size.  But the entire experience was amazing.  I asked her why this was different.  Her first response was because she had accepted that the dress will be modest.  That definitely took away most of the fight.  She loved not having to go pick off the rack.  She had a "personal shopper" bring her dress after dress.  She liked not having a mirror in the dressing room as she changed.  She would put on a gown, walk out and I would almost gasp and have a huge smile because she truly looked amazing.  Then she would look in the mirror.  WE had a great time.  The dress she wants will arrive in a few weeks at a store in Mansfield.  I hope she loves it.  Cross your fingers. 

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