Monday, August 22, 2011

first day

All of these kids were very excited for the day.  Most of them were a little nervous.

This is Bailee's school for her first three hours.  She was very nervous when I dropped her off.  But when I got her text around 11 she was having a great day!  Then she found out she had lunch with some of her best friends.  Woot! Woot! (as Bailee would say) 

It's amazing to me that Carson's graduating year is 2024.  It seems forever away.  At the same time I'm sure it will fly by.  My baby is getting so big!  As I walked out to my car I started to get a little choked up.  When I arrived at my car Adam was screaming at Karlee to drive.   The feeling quickly passed.  :)
Mason was also a little nervous.  Mostly because his teacher is new to our school.  When he got home he said his day was great!  Everything was great!
As I was leaving this cute class came walking by.  I had to take a snapshot.  Too cute!!!
Karlee's day started a little hairy.  While I walked the boys into their school she stayed in the car with Adam.  He about pulled her braid out.  She was a trooper though and didn't try and change it.  Then during the day she found out that another 8th grader had on the same shirt....NOT COOL!!!  Then she realized that she forgot to take a pencil.  :(  With all her minor struggles she came home in a great mood and enjoyed her first day as an 8th grader.  Dang!! My kids are getting old. 

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