Sunday, August 7, 2011

weekend trip ~ day 1

Wednesday McKinzie got a wild hair and wanted to drive to Mesa, AZ for the weekend to meet some friends.  I didn't want to go since I was gone last weekend (the rest of my kids and Brian weren't exactly thrilled either), but I also knew it was too far of a drive with a baby.  So off we went Friday morning at 5 AM. 

 There really isn't much in west Texas except windmills. 
 We were watching our GPS and realized that we were close to the Mexico border.  Do you see the brown line in the middle of the picture?  It's the border fence.  Kind of cool.
 In El Paso it looks like one large city with a fence dividing it.  I never thought that cities would be so close to each other with a fence to separate.  Not sure what I thought.
We were driving along a highway in Arizona and I saw Moroni up over the trees.  Of course we had to stop and take pictures.  :0)  This is the Gila Valley Arizona Temple.

We arrived in Mesa around 9, central time.  We were tired.  Kinz went out, Adam and I went to bed.

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