Wednesday, August 31, 2011

raingutter regatta

We had pack meeting last night and tried something new.  The boys raced boats!  It was fun. Brian found this design online and helped Mason make it.  Mason really did most of the work.  During painting, the boat stuck to some newspaper.  I asked Mason if we wanted to repaint it?  He asked me if it would make the boat faster?  I told him no.  So he left it alone. :)

Mason came in first place!!!  He was so excited.  The whole family was.  Way to go Mason!!  I guess we'll have to keep the design of this boat for another time. 

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Mason, cool looking boat and I loved the colors that you chose! I know you are a winner and don't even have to have you race to prove it. You're terrific! Love you Grammy