Sunday, August 28, 2011

Xian Day 2 ~ Ancient City Wall

This is the Ancient City Wall of Xian.  It started being built in 1370, during the Ming Dynasty.


We rode on the city wall on double bikes.  It was so much easier when I was young.  These bikes had wimpy tires that were flat which didn't help.

This is the moat around the wall. Kinda cool!

This is the city inside the city wall.  They don't build any tall buildings inside the city wall.  A big difference than the rest of the city.

These two boys kept riding past us like it was a piece of cake!  Of course Jon, in front, is 19 and rides his bike over 20 miles daily.  And Jake is 21 and is as fit as a missionary. ;)
This is yet another buffet.  I really don't like buffets, btw.  I had to laugh, they try and make American food.  By this time we were all wanting anything American.  They had some hamburger patties.  I didn't try them, they didn't look right.  They also had some fries.  They were pretty good.

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