Friday, August 19, 2011


Mason has been looking forward to this day since May.  He finally got his braces off!  Doesn't he look great!?!  He is such a handsome boy. 

School starts Monday and I've been looking forward to the first day for ...weeks.  :)  The kids are all tired of each other, tired of the same friends, tired of no structure.  The boys have been setting their alarm for 6 all week to get ready for school.  It was Mason's idea. 

Bailee will be starting the Cosmetology program this year.  She's very excited.  Me too! She will be getting her driver's license in November and hopefully a job soon after. 

Karlee is on yearbook staff, the school's television broadcast, and she's also an office aid.  She said this is going to be the "best year ever", (her words).

Carson will be in Kindergarten.  Both boys are excited to ride the bus together and go to the same school.  They met their teacher Thursday night and now they aren't so nervous.  I'm excited that all my kids are in school.  I'm surprised that I'm feeling a little lost that there won't be anyone at home to take care of during the day.  I take that back.  I will have Adam two days next week, then the whole week following.  But on a normal week I'll watch him for one day and I'll have four days for myself.  (That sounds selfish.)  I'm excited to possibly take of some "to do's" that I've been putting off because I haven't been able to focus.

One of my "to do's" is to finish posting about our trip to China.  I really thought I'd have it all done before school.  Not possible.  End of the month?  I guess we'll have to wait and see. :)

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