Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you an Aggie?

Last night Brian and I became Aggies.

For Brian's birthday I gave him tickets to the Women's NCAA Conference Championship at the AA Center. We really didn't know what to expect or even who was playing.  As we were parking I saw people wearing Texas A&M colors, so we chose to cheer for them.  Come to find out they were also the underdog.  A&M were the 2 seed and Baylor University the 1 seed.  Baylor was represented well.  When it began we actually considered cheering for Baylor.  But we stuck to our original choice and we were Aggies all the way.

The Aggies won!!!  The game was great.  The referees missed many calls, but at least both sides were treated the same. :)  At one point we were leading by only 6.  I was getting nervous that they weren't going to pull it off.  But they did.  It is Texas A&M's first time at the final four.  It was a very exciting moment. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

first swim

I felt this deserved it's own post.  Saturday Carson asked casually if he could swim.  He was surprised when I said yes. :0)

Carson swam the longest, as usual.  Although Adam might beat him one of these days.  The water temp was 70, it felt cold.  Mason only waded.

Karlee wanted to enjoy the sun as well.  She didn't go near the water but her homework did.  She was working on a science project and the wind blew a sheet into the deep end.  Darn wind!!
We are ready for summer!!

recent fun

This past week has been crazy busy.  Monday we went out to eat for Brian's birthday.  Tuesday was pack meeting.  Wednesday while Bri and the girls were at church I did hair.  I almost never do hair in the evening, but this person likes her perm to process over night and since half the family was going to be gone I agreed. 

Thursday night was a Relief Society Meeting to celebrate the organization of RS.  We sat together in our birthday month.  I was able to get to know some new people.  We then needed to decorate a cake.  I think we did a pretty good job. 

Friday night we attended our Ward Chili Cook-off.  Mason, one of my pickiest kids found a chili he loved.  I was shocked.

Saturday morning we went to Carson's soccer game where he made a goal.  He was soo excited.  We all were.
After the game Carson changed his clothes in the car and we hurried to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear.  The guy running the party drove the parents crazy but all the kids had a great time. 

After Carson got his bear stuffed he was asked to give the bear a hug to see how it felt.  "Oh, it feels so good!!"  he shared with a smile.  It was great. :) 

The cupcakes were from Albertsons.  Don't they look yummy?!? The birthday girls only request was "red".
The kids rode the train and carousel before the fun was over.  A successful party for all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

wind & wolf

Tuesday night we went to Mason's pack meeting.  It was fun, at a park, and the wind was unbelieveable.  Karlee took this great picture of McKinzie.  I love it.  I told Kinz that if she ever gets online, say to find a friend ;) ;), this picture would be great.  It shows her great smile, her fun for life, yet she's still a little disguised.  Brian thinks she looks like she's hiding facial hair.  :0)

 These are the three boys that are in my den.  Ben, Mason and Eli.  The theme for the month was responsibilty.  The boys did a couple of relays being responsible.  Picking up clothes then putting them in the basket.  Then using bandages and bandaids.

 Then near the end of the meeting Mason recieved his Wolf patch and a gold arrow.  He was so excited these past few weeks, knowing how close he was to earn his Wolf.  Shortly before we left for the pack meeting he said that maybe he didn't want to recive his Wolf, I wouldn't be his Den Leader anymore.  I put his concerns to rest.  He'll stay with me until his birthday.  :)
Way to go Mason!  I love you!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian - I hope you have a great birthday!  On my 16th birthday, you were on your mission in England, since we are 5 years apart in age I didn't think my birthday would be all that important to you.  However, when I got home from school that day, I had a birthday card with a one pound note inside. (Yep, I still have it.)  I'm not sure if you know how important you made me feel because you remembered.  It is a day that I won't ever forget.  That was the first time that I understood how much you cared about me.  Aside from all your brotherly expression of love by way of teasing, taunting and picking on me. :0)  I hope we have been able to make this a very special day.  Happy Birthday big brother.

Love, Janae

Happy Birthday big guy

Brian, Hope that you have a fantastic birthday. I have always looked up to you and consider you one of my role models. You are a good man and I don't think that you always realize how much others may look to you as an example. You deserve to have a wonderful Birthday filled with happiness.
Love you big guy.

birthday dinner

 We often go out to eat as a family to celebrate birthdays.  Brian knew something was up this morning when I confirmed, before he left for work, where and when for dinner.  When he arrived at  Razzoo's he was surprised to find some friends were there to join us to celebrate his special day.  The Cook and Robinson family sure made the night extra special.  Then, while we sang "Happy Birthday", Brian had to try and find the cherry in a bowl of whipped cream.  I don't think there was a cherry in his bowl.  ;)  He's such a good sport.  Definately a birthday he won't forget.

Happy Birthday Bri!!  I've tried to make this year a little different, maybe a little special to stand out from the rest.
I want you to know that these last few months have been "almost" as good as our first few months. 

My love always!!! 

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Brian, Cameron has been walking around the house singing to you for an 1 1/2 hours.  We decided to record it and post it for you.
We really do hope that you have a great birthday.

Brian's Big Day!

My brother Brian's big birthday.  Ever since I was a little boy Brian and I had many adventures together.  This is a picture of my brothers helping me out with my eagle project.  Putting up signs around town of Rigby.  Brian and Kim were very kind to help there little brother out since they had many other important things to do.  I have always looked up to and wanted to be like my older brothers.
Brian, I hope you have a marvelous birthday.  I know birthdays loose some of there luster as the years get to be many, but you are definitely worth celebrating every single year.  A lot of good things have come from your Birthday of March 21st many, many, many years ago.

Love you,

birthday boy

What a great day, to get this precious boy safely into this world.  Brian was such a mellow baby.  He slept through the night after 10 days or so and was happy to be snuggled and held.  I could have rocked him all of the time if he didn't have a two year old brother who wasn't being so calm and co-operative.  The fall after Brian was born I worked in the potato harvest and his Grandma Shuldberg watched him.  When I got off work the second day, Grandma Shuldberg asked if I thought we should take him into the Doctor and have him checked out because he never cried. "It's been two days and he has never made a peep!" she said "It's just not normal1" She always had to stir him when she thought it was time for him to eat or be changed.  Our lovable baby Brian!      We love you Brian!     Eternally yours,   Mom & Dad                   

Saturday, March 19, 2011

lets go mavs!!

For our anniversary we went to a Mavs game last night.  It was a great experience.  We rode the TRE from downtown Fort Worth and it worked out great.  No trouble finding parking, arrived early enough to enjoy the full experience of the AA Center, and a quick departure after the traffic jams.  :) 

It was a close game all the way.  The excitement at a live professional game is amazing.  I loved every minute of it.  I hope we can go again.  I'm sure Brian won't mind.

spring break fun

This is the first year in many years that we stayed home for spring break.  Karlee told me that this was her favorite spring break ever...that shocked me.  With all the money we have spent on our trips and this is her favorite?!?  We could of saved thousands of dollars, especially last years spring break when Bailee had the accident, literally thousands!

I will admit it has been a great week.  Monday was Pi Day, so we had some yummy pie to start off the week.  (Some friends of ours started this last year on March 14th....pi=3.14.  Get it?

Tuesday Karlee and Bailee went painting for a friend from church to earn money for girls camp this year.  This was a surprise job.  It was great!  They also painted Thursday morning.  Tuesday afternoon we went to see Rango, kinda cute.  Then off to Main Event for Laser Tag.  All the kids had a blast.  They played a couple of games then Karlee helped the boys, mostly Carson, play some arcade games while Bailee and I visited and relaxed. 

 Wednesday I invited lots of friends to join us at a park in Azle.  The kids played for hours.  We were all tired and hot by the end. 

 Bailee needed to work on her research project this week.  We went to our local library branch and they didn't have one stitch of reference materials.  We were shocked.  We then went to our other regular library and found a little but not enough to complete her note cards.  She was beginning to panic.

Friday, while Karlee was at Six Flags with a friend, we went to the downtown library.  WOW!!! It is amazing!  We all loved it.  They all want to go back. 
 This rainbow is what greats you as you walk into the kids area.  So fun!

 Adam loved the little tables and chairs.

 Behind this there is a cabinet that had some dress up clothes...for boys!  Carson had put something on before I realized what he was doing.

Bailee has fallen in love...with the Fort Worth Central Library.  She found lots and lots of books on the French Revolution.  I think whenever she has a big assignment like this for school we will start here first.  Plus our parking was validated so it didn't cost a thing.  Plus we got lunch afterward.  The day kept getting better and better.  I picked up Subway for the boys and Bailee and I had Pei Wei, Bailee's first time.  Then Yogurtland!!!  Yum!

That about sums up our week.  I hope yours was a good one.  :0)