Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm discouraged right free space for pictures is full.  I wanted to share Carson's first soccer game.  I guess it will need to be without pictures for now.  I did go and delete 2008, it was harder than I thought it would be.  Don't worry, my blog through 2010 is all printed.  I love my books, but it's weird to delete something you love.  Hopefully, since I deleted some posts it will be updated soon so I can share the fun he had.

Anyway, back to our day.  It was great.  It started early.  Carson's game started at 9 and it was soo much fun to watch.  He really got into the game and ran and  ran.  When it was his turn to be goalie he didn't like it very much.  It doesn't keep his mind busy enough.  The other team scored 4 goals on him, but who's counting right.  ;0)  Only every parent there! 

After the game Bailee had a job interview.  The manager told her that she could have 1 or 2 interviews more.  Our fingers are crossed. She is really trying to earn money for Paris but it's not happening fast enough.  She had to dip into her savings to pay her installment for February. 

The rest of the day included, cleaning out the garage, replacing sprinklers, putting Christmas boxes in the attic (finally!),  making a run to the hazardous waste site, buying a pair of golf shoes so Brian can play in a tournament on Monday (he's not all that excited), buying paint for the upstairs bath, trimming trees, walking a dog, and trying to figure out how to upload pictures for this post.  (Can you tell I'm still irritated?!?)

I feel the best Saturday is when you drop into bed exhausted.  I think we did it today. :)

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Shon and Holly Shuldberg said...

What a productive Saturday. I too love that feeling.