Monday, March 21, 2011

birthday dinner

 We often go out to eat as a family to celebrate birthdays.  Brian knew something was up this morning when I confirmed, before he left for work, where and when for dinner.  When he arrived at  Razzoo's he was surprised to find some friends were there to join us to celebrate his special day.  The Cook and Robinson family sure made the night extra special.  Then, while we sang "Happy Birthday", Brian had to try and find the cherry in a bowl of whipped cream.  I don't think there was a cherry in his bowl.  ;)  He's such a good sport.  Definately a birthday he won't forget.

Happy Birthday Bri!!  I've tried to make this year a little different, maybe a little special to stand out from the rest.
I want you to know that these last few months have been "almost" as good as our first few months. 

My love always!!! 

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