Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you an Aggie?

Last night Brian and I became Aggies.

For Brian's birthday I gave him tickets to the Women's NCAA Conference Championship at the AA Center. We really didn't know what to expect or even who was playing.  As we were parking I saw people wearing Texas A&M colors, so we chose to cheer for them.  Come to find out they were also the underdog.  A&M were the 2 seed and Baylor University the 1 seed.  Baylor was represented well.  When it began we actually considered cheering for Baylor.  But we stuck to our original choice and we were Aggies all the way.

The Aggies won!!!  The game was great.  The referees missed many calls, but at least both sides were treated the same. :)  At one point we were leading by only 6.  I was getting nervous that they weren't going to pull it off.  But they did.  It is Texas A&M's first time at the final four.  It was a very exciting moment. 

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